Zoodles – Spaghetti Style!

Zoodles - Spaghetti Style!

I introduced you to the concept of zoodles and how easy they can be made in a previous post. Then I published my super easy Shrimp and Zoodles recipe. Heck I gave you an article with over 3 DOZEN Zoodle Recipes!  NOW let’s investigate how to made zoodles more like spaghetti noodles!

Instead of sauteing them in a pan zoodles can be boiled for a more noodle-like texture that lends itself to sauce. What prompted this is this delicious uncooked tomato sauce recipe that The Kitchn ran and posted to their Facebook page last week:

Uncooked tomato sauce recipe

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

“Late summer tomatoes finally turning red and orange, check. Basil plants still producing loads of leaves, check. Garlic cloves and fruity extra virgin olive oil, check and check. These are the only ingredients you need for the easiest and tastiest 5-ingredient tomato sauce of all time. The results are simple and spectacular.”

Following a discussion on our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group on what this might be good served on top of my wheels got turning! While zoodles sounded like the obvious choice I didn’t want a fried in the pan version.  

I went looking and found that Jennifer of Splendid Low Carbing with Jennifer Eloff had already (of course she had) explored this and had published a post on her angel hair zucchini pasta.

Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta

Photo Credit: Splendid Low Carbing with Jennifer Eloff

Jennifer discovered that simply boiling it (like spaghetti) for just a minute gives you just the right texture you need for sauce. Be sure to remove your zoodle pasta to a colander and to rinse with cold water to stop the cooking or you’ll get overdone zoodle noodles!

Once your zoodles are done you can add whatever low carb sauce you’d like, whether that be the delicious uncooked tomato sauce above, an alfredo, Bolognese or plain marinara.

What is YOUR favorite low-carb sauce that’ll taste delicious over your zoodle noodles? Share it with us in your comment below and we’ll consider it for our upcoming roundup article!

In the meantime, ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW ~Marge

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