16 BEST Low-Carb Granola Recipes

...YOU and Your Family will LOVE!

16 Certified Low Carb Granola Recipes

One thing I really miss since going low carb almost three years ago is the freshly made granola at Costco. I know I have recipe roundups for cold and hot cereals but what I mean is granola, like trail mix, that I can toss in a baggie and take on the go. My grandkids might do that with Cheerios but I want honest to goodness granola! While I won’t be adding raisins or anything crazy like that there are LOTS of great recipes that work AND allow me to still stick to 20 net carbs per day! 

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Through my affiliation with Escalate Media I have some great savings AND fun giveaways for you this week!

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Low-Carb Snacks

...that won't sabotage your diet!

Low Carb Snacks to Keep you on TRACK!

I hear it all the time!  You do fine with meals but snacks are what are throwing you off track!  You’ve got the MUNCHIES!!! Believe me, it’s not just you! I know how you feel! I felt and feel the same way too!  The secret to succeeding is that when you sit down to watch TV or you are reaching for a mid-afternoon snack have low-carb alternatives available so you don’t sabotage your low-carb diet! 

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...Buying What You Are Anyway Every Day!

Earn CASH with EBATES!

I want to share my secret with you… how I got almost an extra $100 back from buying the Christmas presents I was going to anyway! How I earn cash each and every time I buy online!  Because YOU can earn cash too! It’s simple and easy if you know how!

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14 Wonderfully Delicious Low-Carb Jello Snacks & Desserts YOU & Your Family Will LOVE!

14 Jello Snacks & Desserts

One thing that’s safe to eat from day one on a low carb diet is sugar-free jello. But did you know you can make all sorts of wonderfully delicious low-carb snacks and desserts using this versatile ingredient?

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Are YOU Ready for No Makeup Makeup?

Are YOU Ready for No Makeup Makeup

via thezoereport.com

With the Grammys last week you saw some over the top makeup BUT you also saw some pared down, “5 minute celeb beauty looks” that while I am sure they took longer for their makeup artists to achieve they resulted in your focusing in on one feature.

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