Fried Pickle – a Low-Carb Appetizer


Low Carb Deep Fried Pickles

For some reason people think that deep fried dill pickles are a product of the south… BUT the first time we had them was in a little town called Wesleyville, PA! We stopped with other students from our swing-dance class for dinner at a little place called Carini’s. We have loved them ever since! So it was only natural that I find a low-carb version of such a yummy treat!

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Bacon and Cauliflower Hash – Low Carb NOT Low Taste!

Low Carb Bacon and Cauliflower Hash

A recipe by LowCarb-ology caught my attention last week. Bacon and cauliflower hash… they had me at bacon and cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable I just knew my family would love it once I adapted it to what I had in the house and made it just a tad easier for me to throw it together…

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