DIY $7 Stink Bug Trap this week's Kitchen Hack!

Stink Bug Trap

Photo by: jrproductionspgh

We don’t have too many of these annoying stink bugs in our area of the country yet but I know friends across the United States that have them by the gazillions! OR at least they seem that way! Here’s a cheap DIY way to get rid of hundreds of them at a time!

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Doctors Report: Carbs Cause Obesity; NOT Lack of Exercise!

Carbs cause weight gain NOT lack of exercise

The UK’s Academy of Medical Royal Colleges just released what many might think is considered a shocking report!  It seems that they finally figured out what the average woman has long know; that while regular exercise is great for reducing health risks it doesn’t help with weight loss.  

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Certified Low-Carb Delicious Bread Pudding

with Spiced-Rum Cream Sauce

Low Carb Bread Pudding with Spiced Rum Cream Sauce

One of the most delicious comfort-food desserts is bread pudding. I have made a dupe for New Orleans’ Commander’s Palace Bread Pudding for my friends and family for years. As you can imagine they haven’t had it as much since we starting living a low carb lifestyle. That is until NOW!

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Create a Mascara “Cocktail” Make Your Eyes Look AMAZING!

Make Mascara Cocktails for Amazing Eyes!

One of the last things I do every night, after I am too tired to read anymore, is curl up in bed with my iPad and YouTube. I pop my earbud in so I don’t disturb Michael and watch videos. I am always running across ideas that I have done for years that I guess I always took for granted that everyone does… one of those this week was creating what I have always called a mascara cocktail.

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