How to Cook with Wild Mushrooms That Will Give You a Killer Dish!

Want to add amazingly delicious flavors to a simple to make zucchini zoodle dish? Add wild mushrooms! If you are lucky like me your neighbor’s son and his girlfriend bring you some they grow, but if you don’t have a neighbor like that stay tuned and I will tell you exactly how you can get them from Matthew and Jenna too!

Make a Killer Dish with Wild Mushrooms

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Let me introduce you to Matthew and Jenna! Matthew is the son of the neighbor I mentioned.

“Talk to Matthew Reiss and Jenna Kuczynski long enough and you might think that gnomes really exist at Gnomestead Hollow Farm and Forage!” is what the Winston-Salem Journal wrote this past spring when they published a feature article on them.  

Living in the middle of Virginia on his parent’s 52 acres in Dugspur they cultivate and forage for mushrooms and other wild plants like ramps (a type of onion that are wonderful pickled) that they use in their kimchi and krauts. One month a year you’ll also find them foraging on the west coast, where they met while Matthew studied sustainable agriculture at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  “We’ll start in Washington and we’ll follow the mushrooms down the Oregon coast,” Reiss said.  

All of their mushrooms and canned foods are available at local farmers markets and are not only used at but are featured in delicious dishes by prominent chefs throughout the state of Virginia, North Carolina and in Jenna’s hometown of Bainbridge Island, WA. Every chef gives them great accolades for their amazing mushrooms! 

They also maintain a website where you can find out how and where you can get them as well as great recipes using them. 

This past weekend Matthew and Jenna were at his parent’s home attending the southern-style wedding party for his twin, Marshall. On the way they were to drop off a big order of their amazing mushrooms to a chef that was unfortunately for him, nowhere to be found because he was catering another party. His loss was our gain because we were lucky enough to  score some of those amazing mushrooms!

Included in my haul were Old World Blue Oyster  and Golden Oyster Mushrooms. The golden beauties are just that, a rich buttery yellow and the others are the blue oysters: 

Blue and golden oyster mushrooms

“The Blue European Oyster has a slightly nutty flavor and is one of our most versatile mushrooms, easily incorporated into sautés, stir fries, baked dishes. The Old World Blue remains one of our favorites to mix with seasonal veggies in an Oyster Egg Scramble. “

“The Golden Oyster has a nuttier taste than many of the other Oysters, also maintaining one of the nicest textures at higher heat than its Pleurotus counterparts. This tropical species has made its migration up the east coast from the tropics/subtropics and can be found in the mid-west and northeast states today. Whole fruitbodies can be plucked and seared in the pan with padrons/peppers, garlic and butter for an incredible appetizer or main meal addition.”

LOOK at all the amazing beauties that Matthew and Jenna cultivate and gather!  Are these absolutely amazing or what??? Who knew there is such a rainbow of mushrooms? Doesn’t it spur your culinary imagination?

I plan on sauteeing them all mine in lots of butter and garlic, some sweet red, yellow and orange peppers and serving them on a bed of zucchini noodles (known as zoodles in the low-carb world) tossed with some freshly-made pesto using my own recipe.

Watch for that recipe to follow soon! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss it.  

kimchi & krauts

In the meantime if you are looking to get some amazing products for your home or restaurant you can contact Jenna and Matthew through their website. Try their mushroom tea or truffles! Or any of the jarred krauts and kimchi that Jenna is famous for! I am partial to the Korean Style Kimchi!  Heck they even have a do-it-yourself  oyster mushroom kits you can order through their contact page!  

mushroomsThey are the best we have ever had and can guarantee you that whether you contact them through their website, Instagram or Facebook page you will feel the same when you get your hands on their fabulous products too! I am not at all affiliated, I just love a great product and theirs are that and more!

The only question left is what will you be making with yours??? If you have a favorite recipe using wild mushrooms please leave it in your comment below! I love hearing from you!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

p.s. No matter where you get your mushrooms please be sure to do so through a reputable source! 


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