Visualization WORKS! Think Yourself THIN!

Visualization WORKS!

Many years ago I was taught that ANYTHING you can see and believe YOU can ACHIEVE!  That is true in life and it is true in ANYTHING you want to attain, INCLUDING losing weight!  So just HOW do you do that?

You set goals and plan steps that will take you toward your goals.  When do you want to lose all that weight?  What are realistic steps that will take you to that end?  

A goal without a date is just a dream...

Once you have a plan in place you need to VISUALIZE that happening! You need to find a picture of yourself at the weight you want to be. Even if that means collaging your head on a model’s body. Use something like the Model My Diet simulator to SEE it!  Buy an article of clothing in the size you will be.

Hang either where you will see it every day, multiple times a day. Hang it on the refrigerator. Heck hang it IN the refrigerator or pantry closet. Hang it on your closet door. Hang it on the full length bathroom mirror and set your scale in front of it!  It’s called MOTIVATION! Put it out there and VOW that YOU will make it happen! Then get it DONE!

SEE it to ACHIEVE it!

Realize that JUST seeing it isn’t enough. You still have to do the “work.” both Jim Carrey and Oprah said in that video that just because you want it does not mean it will just magically happen… you have to want it bad enough to WORK for it! It CAN happen for you and the first step is visualizing that!  

I know it can and does work because I did it! Those Model My Diet simulations are me before and me at goal weight!  If I can you can. BUT you have to make that decision for yourself. Decide… then commit! Low-carb is one of the easiest way to lose weight but you still have to count the carbs, eat the correct foods and resist temptation. Believe me, I am here to tell you it’s WORTH it!

2 Years Later I look YOUNGER!

Are you ready to get started?  Join us today in our private Low Carb Challenge Facebook group for lots of help and support and start visualizing your future now! We would love to have you! Are YOU READY? Because we are ready for you!

See you in the Low Carb Challenge group! In the meantime, ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge

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