Urban Decay 20% OFF Plus 6% CASH BACK!

...YES! Get a discount AND cash too!


I don’t very often publish a post like this so when I do you KNOW it’s a screaming DEAL! Those of you that love great makeup know that Urban Decay has some of the BEST shadows on the market AND they RARELY go on sale. Well they are offering 20% off right now!

BUT the better part is that Nordstrom is PRICE MATCHING them online right now! Nordstroms offers FREE shipping BOTH ways so if you find you don’t like something it is absolutely free to ship it back to them! You cannot lose! You get to try out great makeup and if for some reason you don’t like it, just send it back!

I am not affiliated with Nordstrom but I do own a number of Urban Decay palettes and I can tell you they are awesome! I doubt you will want to send any of their products back so be forewarned! LOL!

ON top of of that Ebates is offering an EXTRA 6% CASH BACK! All you have to do is log in to Ebates before you buy and they will send you cash! Not sure how to do that? I wrote an article on how easy it is to do so read that here.  Join NOW to start earning cash on stuff you buy anyway, every day!  It doesn’t cost you a penny and you can earn a lot of CASH! 

BUT don’t dawdle! Nordstrom is only going to price match as long as Urban Decay is offering their sale and my best guess is probably NOT any longer than through the weekend?  Anyone know? Leave the timing, if you know it, in your comment below or on our Facebook page! Thanks in advance!  

In the meantime that’s the skinny on makeup bargains today!  
Ciao for now! ~Marge

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge

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