Some of the Best Low-Carb Products You Should Buy at Trader Joe’s!

I have noticed a lot of The Low Carb Challenge Facebook group members asking who buys what low-carb products at different stores lately and one that comes up the most seems to be Trader Joe’s. So when I got back from our local location I videoed my unbagging so you could get some idea of what I buy from there!

Trader Joes Low Carb Shopping List

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Now first off before anyone says anything, I filmed a quick Instagram InstaStory first and anyone that does those (and Facebook Live videos too!) knows they are filmed in portrait mode. I always film all my other videos in horizontal but I forgot to turn the phone in the mount so it’s going the wrong way but oh well, it is what it is and I still wanted to share the information with you… so here it is: 

I hope this helps! I did leave out a couple items, one I can think of is my dogs’ cookies! They are really inexpensive and Miss Pickles and Ollie love them!  

IMG_0615I know I had already put the salad dressings away but I went and got them out so I could tell you about them.  Here are the three that I bought. They are all  the TJ brand. The Romano Caesar is less than a carb while the other two, Thyme Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette and Light Champagne Vinaigrette, are only 2 net carbs per serving. A serving in each case is 2 tablespoons so enough for a good size salad. I realize that not all of you cannot get to a local Trader Joe’s so if you click on each of the links above they will take you to where you can order them online.

IMG_0678One of the items I picked up that were a flat out WIN are the parsnip chips! O-M-G! They are the best chip I have ever tasted! I only bought one bag and wished I had tasted them while still in the parking lot because I would have turned around and bought another 1/2 dozen more bags at least! They are delicious! At only 2 net carbs per about 12 chips they are super low in carbs; my only test is going to be stopping at 12, or 24! I could eat the whole bag! They really are that good! I cannot find them to order online so I guess I will have to wait to get back to the store. If you know someone that lives close it’s worth it to ask them to pick some up for you!

I mentioned their great Joe’s coffee  I use in my own bulletproof coffee, and yes you can order that online as you can some of their pasta sauces. Are they less expensive in the store? Of course they are but if you don’t have a store near you it’s a great alternative.  

The same could be said for the Simply Lite Chocolate. I bought both the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate with almonds. Personally I like the milk chocolate variety mostly because it’s easy to buy low-carb dark chocolate and harder to find good milk chocolate that keeps me on the straight and narrow. For the times I cannot get up to our Trader Joe’s I order mine from Netrition. It’s only .50¢ more per bar and it saves me all the gas and time it takes to drive the 45 minutes each way to my store. 

Debbie Meyer green boxesAnother thing I mentioned in the video that I promised you more information on are the Tupperware Fridge Smart and the Debbie Meyer Green Boxes that I use to help keep products, especially fresh produce, fresh.  I got mine on the Kohl’s site but they are available from Amazon too. Depending on whether you have Prime, who is running a sale, etc. shop between them for the best buy! Amazon does have a larger package with 74 pieces that’s a really great buy too! 

Tupperware Fridge SmartsThe Tupperware version are made of a more long-lasting plastic and of course are covered by their lifetime guarantee. I really love my Fridge Smarts and they come in all sorts of sizes! I found that on the Amazon link I gave you here they were a LOT cheaper than what I paid going to a party!

I love doing this type of post because it helps lots of my readers and group members to find new products. I know I always look forward to hearing your finds so that I can try something new next trip!

I have written about the products that my readers buy the most on the Netrition site too! I am adding new products to my own list all the time! For instance, someone just mentioned Sugar-Free Nut & Flax Granola. While I have ordered their low-carb chocolate chips I have yet to try their granola! At only 2 net carbs per serving it’s something I need to order and it comes in 3 delicious flavors; cherry, cinnamon and cranberry!  You can bet it’s on my next order!

So what product in my video piques YOUR interest? What’s on your have-to-order list? OR which are YOUR favorite products at Trader Joe’s that I need to add to MY shopping list? I would love to know! Please leave it in your comment below! In the meantime, ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

p.s. looking for that Caprese Salad recipe post? Here you go! 


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