Top Things You Should Never Say to Someone On a Diet

...and why they usually don't apply to a Low-Carb Lifestyle!

I recently ran across an article that talked about what not to say to people on a diet… but I have to say that I don’t agree with most of them… at least not if instead of being on a diet you are living a low carb lifestyle…

What NOT to say to someone on a diet!

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A lot of my Low Carb Challenge Facebook group members use the MyFitnessPal app to figure out their carbs, macros and journal their food. The developer of the mobile app and website have a blog they call “Hello Healthy” on which they recently ran a post entitled “The 5 Worst Things to Say to Someone Who Is Losing Weight.”

I have to say that their arguments are sound, IF you are trying to lose weight by watching calories, starving yourself and generally dieting any other way other than living a low-carb lifestyle. I find them a bit problematic for those of us that live the low-carb way of eating.

Let’s delve into them:

“How much more do you have to lose?”

Okay, this one… no one wants to hear that when they have a lot more left to lose… but I find that  if one sticks to less than 20 net carbs per day, eats when they are hungry, not bored, stops when full, not stuffed, and drinks half their body weight in fluid ounces of water a day are going to really start to lose weight fast! When you start to have success, see it in your mirror and feel it in your clothes you are going to set goals and you will be glad to answer that with how much because you are looking forward to it. Besides the very question implies that the person asking has noticed a difference already!

“You probably don’t want to eat that, right?”

People that don’t eat low carb have NO idea that we CAN eat that delicious chocolate muffin in a minute, no-sugar added ice cream, pizza cocktails and snacks! If we pick the right recipes we can eat or drink it whenever we want after induction! We have thousands of certified low-carb delicious recipes on this site! They will help keep you under 20 net carbs per day!

“You look so much better than before.”

My first 90 days 30# and 3 full dress sizes GONE!

Yes we do want to hear that! In my case one of my best friends that I hadn’t seen in about 6 or 7  weeks (she took a wonderful cross-country camping trip with her family) literally swung me around, declared “What the heck did you do and how can I do it!” If that doesn’t say “you look so much better” I don’t know what does. I was grinning from ear to ear! Of course we want to look better!

When I post my before and after my first 90 days photo collage you see above I am often accused of posting a pic of my mom as the before! Ouch! That hurts but you know what? It’s true and I am so happy I no longer look like that!

It might hurt a bit to hear it and they could just say “Wow, you look so good!” but that’s #5 in their list…

“You’re just going to gain it back anyway.”

Yeah, that’s smarts because it means they, as mentioned in the original post, appear to lack confidence in you. BUT more than likely they are expressing what they feel themselves. I can tell you that living low carb, if it becomes a lifestyle and not just a diet, can keep you at your target weight and allow you to stay there! My husband and I lost a collective 100# and we both have kept it off for almost 4 years. We feel and look better than we have in years.

I tell you this just to let you know that if we can do it at 61 and 63 you can too!  Do I fluctuate from time to time? Sure, but I stay in the size 4/6 range and at my age that’s enough for me! I refuse to ever go back to a 12! 

“Wow, you look so good!”

This is the real kicker. People say this all the time and usually have nothing but good vibes they’re trying to send. This can be interpreted in many problematic ways, though. People often wonder what was wrong with them before or why everyone is noticing their body. This well-meaning statement can cause body-image issues to surface, which can — in the worst case — trigger an eating disorder. ~MyFitnessPal

HUH? People mean exactly what they say! Don’t read into that comment anything more than what it’s meant to be, a compliment! That’s why I try to imbibe good self image both here and on our Facebook group. It’s why I started my sister-site,  So you and I can both look fabulous while we get fit, lose weight and get healthy! You DO look good girl! Revel in it! 

I have always believed in being the best I could be, positive affirmations and how a positive attitude can change your life. But I started slipping when I put on all my weight after menopause in my mid-50’s. I just didn’t feel good about myself anymore. I hid from cameras and cringed when I saw pictures of myself I couldn’t avoid.  

I am hear to tell you do not do that! I am here to support you. There are thousands of members in our low-carb community that are all there 24/7 from around the world to lean on! You can and will look better and you will revel in a compliment when someone says “Wow, you look so good!”

I don’t want anyone to think that people are saying that just because they thought you didn’t look good before or that there was something wrong with you! Stand up tall and respond “WOW! Thanks! I feel great too!” Because believe me, you will!

Hope people say these things to you! It means they are noticing how good you look!  Don’t laugh in their face when they stupidly think you cannot have that low-carb bottle of beer, cupcake for breakfast  or granola for a snack! They are just ignorant to how easy and tasty eating low carb can be! Don’t hold it against them, invite them to join you… and us!  We’d love to have them! We love having you!

What are you visualizing for yourself today? Tomorrow? Next year? What positive affirmation is driving you right here, right now? Please share it in your comment below and then skip over to the Get All the Skinny site (still in progress but would love your input!) and love the skin you’re in! 

In the meantime, ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell



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