Testing Out November’s Keto Krate; Is it Worth the Cost?

Complete with Cost Comparisons and Mini-Reviews!

November’s Keto Krate was delivered yesterday upon my arrival home and I was so excited to see what was included this month! I quickly set up my camera to capture my unboxing so that all of you can see exactly what to expect when you order and unbox your own!


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What’s In the October Keto Krate; Love It or Hate It?

Okay so I was supposed to be on my way back from Disney World today but thanks to Hurricane Matthew we cut our Food and Wine Festival trip short and bugged out early. I knew my Keto Krate was being held at my local post office so I quickly changed my redeliver date to today… 

October Keto Krate Worth the Cost?

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Let’s Unbox a Keto Krate to See If It’s Worth the Hype!

...AND If ALL These Goodies ARE Low Carb!

Did you see me unbox my first ever Keto Krate last month? It was late so I made sure to order my subscription box ASAP so that you can grab one too before they are gone! So what’s in the September Keto Krate? Are they just as low carb AND are the products AND the box worth the hype and the cost? Stay tuned for all that and more! 

September's Keto Krate

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How to Make the Ultimate Stuffed Mushrooms

ALL Certified Low-Carb Delicious!

Last weekend we attended a wonderful party. Everyone brought an appetizer to share. I took a tin of sweet and spicy cocktail nuts, but if I hadn’t taken those I would have opted for one of these delicious stuffed mushroom recipes!

16 Low-Carb Stuffed Mushroom Recipes You'll Love

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How to Make Delicious Easy to Make Granola


One thing I really miss since going low carb almost three years ago is the freshly made granola at Costco. I know I have recipe roundups for cold and hot cereals but what I mean is granola, like trail mix, that I can toss in a baggie and take on the go.

How to Make Delicious Easy to Make Granola

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How to Make Delicious Homemade Doritos!

...Certified LOW-CARB!

Doritos on on a low-carb diet? An oxymoron, right? NO! Here’s how you can  make low-carb tortilla chips  into delicious Doritos easy breezy!  

Low Carb Doritos

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