How to Make Low-Carb Delicious Fritters You’ll Love!

So what constitutes a “FRITTER?” Before I lived a low-carb lifestyle I have to admit when I thought fritter I thought rich and gooey apple fritters… decadent dough laden with apples and deep fried in oil!

So what are low-carb fritters (also called latkes) and how do you make them? 

Check these out! 

Delicious Low-Carb Fritter Recipes

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Baked Ricotta for a Memorable Appetizer!

I stumbled across the recipe for baked ricotta the other day and thought it would make a very simple yet memorable appetizer for parties! Then I saw this image with what looks like a full eggplant baked right into the middle! I want to try that next time! In the meantime here’s the easy way!

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