Potato Substitutes That Will Save You From Yourself…

...AND 77 Recipes to Help You Prepare Them!

One of the things people seem to miss most when switching to a low-carb diet is potatoes. Most will switch to using cauliflower first for mashed notatoes and then may check out jicama, but how about some more alternatives? So you can mix and switch it up?

I guarantee you that if you work your way through all 77 of these certified low-carb potato substitute recipes you will never be bored or miss potatoes again! 

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How to Make Delicious Faux Potato Salad in a Flash…

...that's Certified LOW-CARB!


My family has always LOVED what I call my “American” potato salad. It’s a picnic staple in every warm month as it is a cold potato salad. So what to do when so many of my guests, along with Michael (my hubby) and I are trying to stay low carb? Simple! VOILA!  FAUX potato salad! I was VERY apprehensive when serving this fake to my kids! I knew my hubby loves it but wasn’t sure about my son and son-in-law. Imagine my surprise when they went back for SECONDS! YAY! It’s a keeper! 

How to Make Delicious Faux Potato Salad in a Flash

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