The Best Blasted Breakfast Muffin-in-a-Minute Recipes You’ll Find!

...ALL Certified Low-Carb Delicious!

When researching low-carb muffin in a minute or muffin in a mug (whatever you choose to call them) recipes for the previous roundup it became abundantly clear that there were so many great certified low-carb delicious dessert muffins that it just made sense to leave those that are more breakfast oriented for another day. Well that day has arrived! 

40 Best Blasted Low-Carb Breakfast Muffin in a Minute Recipes

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How to Make Scrumptious Scones You’ll Drool Over!

... ALL Certified LOW CARB Delicious!

Why is it that come the weekends we all love to splurge on breakfast? I guess it’s because for most of us we are up and out of the house early during the week so we don’t get to fuss.

One of my splurges is scones. I love the slightly drier (like biscuits as opposed to cupcakes) texture that holds some sort of sumptuous fruit or added surprise…

a FULL Baker's Dozen of Low Carb Scone Recipes!

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Low Carb Bread Recipes

Delicious Low Carb Bread & Bakery Recipes

One of the biggest complaints I hear all the time about pursuing a low-carb way of eating is the absence of breads. Who SAYS you have to give up your baked goods? You don’t. You just have to have some amazingly good recipes from awesome chefs and cooks that show you anything is possible! Enjoy each and every one of these guilt free!  

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