Save MORE Money While Buying Low-Carb

...with this GREAT mobile app!

SAVE $ Buying Groceries!

I recently learned of an easy to use mobile app called Favado that allows me to check out what’s on sale at which stores in my area so I know where I can get the best deals!  Not only do they tell me about the ones you’ll find in your newspaper but SECRET sales too!  It was super easy to set up and get started. I’ll show you how!

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4 GENIUS Money Saving Hacks!

4 Genius Money Saving Hacks!

The Savings Experiment

No matter how much money you have, no one should/would ever turn down a chance to save some. I know that ever since my husband lost his job last year I look at things differently.  Money-saving tips and tricks are some of the most plentiful online because they’re very popular. Where there’s a dollar to be saved someone will find it!

In this YouTube video by The Savings Experiment you’ll get to see four money-saving hacks that can help you pinch a few pennies! 

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