Low-Carb Delicious ‘Eggs In Clouds’ You Are Going to LOVE!

Eggs in Clouds. What a perfect name for something so perfectly easy to make and heavenly to enjoy no matter the time of day! Our Low Carb Challenge member that brought them to my attention is making them for dinner this week. I think I might beat her and have them for lunch today!

Low-Carb Delicious Eggs in Clouds

Image Credit: BuzzFeed Tasty

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Low-Carb Taco Dip Recipe

With football and party season upon us everyone loves hot taco dip! If you know what to tweak you can make even mainstream recipes low carb without your family and friends even knowing! I guarantee you that you are going to fight them off to scoop up this ooey gooey goodness with none other than pepperoni chips! 

Low Carb Taco Dip

Image credit: Tasty

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“KISS” with Simple Low Carb Salads!

Low Carb Salads

So many times on low carb Facebook groups and pages I see people inquiring how they can keep the cost down and the flavor up in low carb. Well I am here to tell you that it needn’t cost any more than your normal way of eating and you can make dishes that are super simple while giving your family and friends dishes they will love!  

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