Before, After AND How FAT I Might BE!

OR How I Might Look if it Weren't For Low Carb!

I was just responding to a post by Stacey on our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group about keeping it KISS.  I always tell my readers, members and clients that I firmly believe in keeping it super simple. If not I certainly would have quit… and then I would still be FAT!  

But tonight it made me stop and think, WHERE would I be today if I hadn’t started living low-carb 3 years ago…

B4 After and What Might Have Been

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Checklist to Get Started on a Low Carb Diet: Best Way to Start Low Carb

Most people get started on low-carb for one of two reasons, either they need to improve their health or they flat out just want to lose weight to look good. A low-carb lifestyle is a great vehicle to accomplish both! 

How to Get Started on Low-Carb Checklist

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