Before, After AND How FAT I Might BE!

OR How I Might Look if it Weren't For Low Carb!

I was just responding to a post by Stacey on our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group about keeping it KISS.  I always tell my readers, members and clients that I firmly believe in keeping it super simple. If not I certainly would have quit… and then I would still be FAT!  

But tonight it made me stop and think, WHERE would I be today if I hadn’t started living low-carb 3 years ago…

B4 After and What Might Have Been

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13 Certified Low-Carb Donuts Your Family Will Flip Over!

Okay, confession time. I got to go to a great beach house with super friends for my birthday last week. And I insisted that on the way to the 4 x 4 beach where the wild ponies wander about I insisted that we stop at Duck Donuts to grab a dozen for breakfast! YES! Doughnuts! YES! Me! No excuses, they are magnificent doughnuts! But I certainly am not going to make a habit of that! 

Certified Low Carb Delicious Donuts

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Domestic Chíc: A Fashionably Fabulous Guide to Cooking & Entertaining By The Seasons

...YAY or NAY When it Comes to a Low-Carb Lifestyle?

I have to admit when Kristin Sollenne’s publishing house PR people approached me about taking a look at her new cookbook I balked. While Kristin is a rising star chef she isn’t noted for being, like us, low carb. But I agreed to accept a galley copy of her new book, “Domestic Chíc: A Fashionably Fabulous Guide to Cooking & Entertaining By The Seasons.”  Here’s what I ultimately found to be true…

Domestic Chic YAY or NAY

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Watch This Hysterical Video of Bakers Losing Their Perfect Loaves to Lowly Bread Bowls

Baking a really delicious, crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside loaf of bread takes years of training and finesse in the kitchen. So when chefs are subjected to seeing their perfect creations turned into soup bowl right before their eyes…. well watch this video to see how they are affected!

Chef Crying

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