How to Make a Low Carb Christmas Dinner Your Guests Will Love

Christmas and holiday memories are often with a big dinner whether gathered round the dining room table or scattered throughout the house. My husband Michael and I  entertain all our friends that don’t have extended family in our area and we number so high that we set up a buffet and yes, we eat scattered over a number of tables and surfaces throughout our home!

Whether you opt for ham, sausage or turkey here are some great recipes that will garner you compliments and put smiles on every one of your guests! Especially the low-carb lifestyle ones! 

Low Carb Christmas Recipes Your Guests will Love!

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Sunday Brunch Easy Low-Carb Ham & Egg Cups

I have NO idea where the weekend went! Well I do but you know what I mean… do you ever feel that way? Here it is Sunday afternoon and I feel like “what the heck?” yet again.  Oh I got some stuff done… took down both Christmas trees on Saturday, along with all the other decorations. Doing good this year! Usually my “deadline” is Super Bowl!  Don’t laugh, I am serious!

Low Carb Ham & Eggs Cups

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