27 Finger-Licking Delicious Low-Carb Candy Recipes!

27 Finger-Licking Delicious low-carb candy recipes!

The average Joe thinks that when they are “dieting” that candy is on the do-not-have list. That cannot be farther from the truth! NOT if you are eating the correct candy! Like THESE! While you are not going to want to overindulge and eat the whole batch having one or two of these when you are craving sweets should not affect your weight loss!

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How to Make 50+ Jaw-Dropping Delicious Fat Bomb Recipes!

...ALL Certified LOW-CARB!

People literally (now don’t laugh) think we actually sacrifice eating great tasting stuff when we live a low-carb lifestyle… isn’t that absurd?  That couldn’t be farther from the truth, even when it comes to candy! Here’s a ton of what we refer to as “fat bombs” that are like low-carb candy heaven in a ball!

50+ Jaw Dropping Delicious Fat Bomb Recipes

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22 Amazingly Delicious Low Carb Peanut Butter Recipes

22 Low Carb Peanut Butter Recipes

Peanut Butter. Need I say more? Once you are a couple weeks into your low carb way of eating… and notice I don’t call it a DIET because it is a simple lifestyle change you can absolutely live with… you will discover that peanut butter is a great low-carb food that you can thoroughly enjoy as long as you don’t buy a sugary brand! All-natural is best but not necessary. A quick check of the nutritional labels on your grocery store shelves will reveal there are lots of regular brands that are lower in carb count. So enjoy your peanut butter favorites BUT be sure that they are low carb versions! Don’t have any… after this article you’ll have LOTS!  

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