Daily Low-Carb Food Menu…

...including Poached Eggs on Cinnamon Bagels!

Ever since learning how to make poached eggs in the microwave I cannot seem to get enough of them! Served over low- carb toasted cinnamon bagel is like heaven on a plate for breakfast! Heck I love it for lunch too! Today’s low-carb food journal features them front and center on my breakfast table! 

low carb menu including poached eggs on bagels

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Today’s Low-Carb Menu Includes Chocolate Chip COOKIES & Ice-Cold MILK!

... and an Ice-Cold Glass of MILK!

Today’s low-carb menu features shrimp, for lunch and dinner so take advantage of local shrimp sales!  Cold for lunch, warm for dinner with ZOODLES!  Then top off your day with… chocolate chip cookies! YES! cookies and a nice glass of low-carb milk that tastes like a vanilla shake!

Enjoy Chocolate Chip Cookies in todays low carb menu

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Today’s Low-Carb Menu is Fast & Easy Foods

Low-carb meals don’t have to be hard to make… think to add deli foods and simple recipes so your menus. Today I am stopping at the local grocery store to pick up a rotisserie chicken. I will have the breasts for dinner tonight and can use the rest of the meat in chicken salad for lunch tomorrow! Don’t make it hard! People quit hard! If it had been hard for me I would have quit too! I’d still be fat! So here’s what I am having the rest of my day…

Todays Low Carb Menu with Fast & Easy Foods

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