How and Why I Use Ebates to Get FREE Money!

...and Consistently Get $$$ in the Mail!

I love using Ebates to earn FREE MONEY! I know you know I can be frugal and I use it all the time now to earn cash back for the things I have to buy.  I used to forget all about it when I made online purchases BUT now that I know all the tips and tricks it’s so easy that I consistently get checks in the mail all the time! So far to date I have earned over $444 buying things I would have bought already! You can too!  

I am going to show you how easy it is so YOU can start earning cash back with almost every online purchase you make! Pretty soon YOU will find yourself doing what I do and order online even when picking up in-store so you earn FREE money!

How and Why I Use Ebates to Get FREE Money!

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How to Make Cash Every Time You Shop!

...Buying What You Are Anyway Every Day!


I want to share my secret with you… how I got  an extra $100 back from buying the Christmas presents I was going to anyway! How I earn cash each and every time I buy online! Because YOU can earn cash too! It’s simple and easy if you know how!


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Save MORE Money While Buying Low-Carb

...with this GREAT mobile app!

SAVE $ Buying Groceries!

I recently learned of an easy to use mobile app called Favado that allows me to check out what’s on sale at which stores in my area so I know where I can get the best deals!  Not only do they tell me about the ones you’ll find in your newspaper but SECRET sales too!  It was super easy to set up and get started. I’ll show you how!

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Money Saving Coupons AND Fun Giveaways!

Through my affiliation with Escalate Media I have some great savings AND fun giveaways for you this week!

Be sure to act FAST because these offers are very timely and I never know when they will disappear!

First be sure to enter the Whole Foods $500 Giveaway! Who can’t use $500 worth of groceries?!?  I would LOVE to see one of you win this!


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