Can Your Makeup Make you Sick?

Is Your Makeup Making You Sick?

I saw the following news report on my local news channel and was happy that my readers wouldn’t be having any sores breaking out on their faces like Joe St. George had around his eye earlier in the week! Not from dirty brushes or expired, needed to be thrown away makeup anyhow!  

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Is Your Makeup FAKE?

...can it be HURTING you?

Can Your Makeup Make You Sick or Worse

Recently a blogging colleague, Zabrena of My Eyeshadow Consultant told me about a report by ABC News 20/20 concerning counterfeit makeup, including MAC! 

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Urban Decay 20% OFF Plus 6% CASH BACK!

...YES! Get a discount AND cash too!


I don’t very often publish a post like this so when I do you KNOW it’s a screaming DEAL! Those of you that love great makeup know that Urban Decay has some of the BEST shadows on the market AND they RARELY go on sale. Well they are offering 20% off right now!

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Are YOU Ready for No Makeup Makeup?

Are YOU Ready for No Makeup Makeup


With the Grammys last week you saw some over the top makeup BUT you also saw some pared down, “5 minute celeb beauty looks” that while I am sure they took longer for their makeup artists to achieve they resulted in your focusing in on one feature.

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