27 Finger-Licking Delicious Low-Carb Candy Recipes!

27 Finger-Licking Delicious low-carb candy recipes!

The average Joe thinks that when they are “dieting” that candy is on the do-not-have list. That cannot be farther from the truth! NOT if you are eating the correct candy! Like THESE! While you are not going to want to overindulge and eat the whole batch having one or two of these when you are craving sweets should not affect your weight loss!

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Testing Out November’s Keto Krate; Is it Worth the Cost?

Complete with Cost Comparisons and Mini-Reviews!

November’s Keto Krate was delivered yesterday upon my arrival home and I was so excited to see what was included this month! I quickly set up my camera to capture my unboxing so that all of you can see exactly what to expect when you order and unbox your own!


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Low-Carb Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

Low Carb Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

Want something fast and easy for dessert or snack that your family and friends (unless they follow you into your kitchen) will think you fussed over? How about chocolate salted-caramel cake? Don’t let them in on your secret BUT you can make it in a minute! Well, okay, maybe three by the time you get everything out, mix and microwave it but it will cook in ONE minute! 

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