Surprisingly EASY Way to Keep Avocados Fresh!

Keep Avocados Fresh


When eating low carb many dieters also opt for high fat content and one of the best natural sources of that is in avocados.  The only problem with that is that unfortunately they brown easily if not used up all at once. There is nothing more frustrating than going to use the second half the next day only to have it look disgusting. It still tastes just fine but it just doesn’t look too appetizing. So what can you do to prevent that?

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Low Carb Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Recipe

Bacon wrapped avocados are a delightful change of pace!

I noticed a post for an avocado appetizer on a low-carb challenge group I belong to and promised a member that I would try it out. The post mentioned frying them but I wanted to see if I could bake them instead so that I could do lots of them for parties, etc. Well I could, and I couldn’t…  

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