FREE Low Carb / Diabetic Recipe Book

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New: FREE Low Carb / Diabetic Recipe Book

This is a great collection of low-carb meals, snacks, and treats. Great for diabetics as well as anyone living a low-carb lifestyle. This exclusive book is brought to you by Diabetic Connect, the largest online community for people affected by diabetes. It’s absolutely FREE …

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This KITCHEN HACK Makes Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs INSANELY Easy!

Make Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs INSANELY Easy!

Living a low-carb lifestyle is made simpler by eggs.  It is all but the perfect low-carb, high fat food!  But we all know that it drives us NUTS trying to peel hard-boiled eggs!  Well NO more! Check out this insane trick that makes it ridiculously EASY to peel hard-boiled eggs! One at a time or by the HALF DOZEN!!! 

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How to Kick-Off Your Low Carb Diet with Induction!

How to Kick Off You Low Carb Diet with Induction

So you’ve decide to join us over at our #TheLowCarbChallenge private Facebook group and challenge!  Now, how to kick off your low-carb “diet” so that you start losing the most weight in the least amount of time? In a word, induction.  While I just count carbs and don’t follow any particular “plan” I do suggest my clients follow at least a couple weeks of Atkins induction for the best start. 

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9 FREE Low-Carb Kindle eBooks

FREE (as of posting, double check to be sure) low-carb  Kindle eBooks to add to your library!  I have NOT vetted each of the recipes as the sale is VERY time sensitive and I wanted to get it to you ASAP so please be sure to check carb counts on each before buying your ingredients!

You do NOT have to have a Kindle (I don’t) to read or use these! Use the link in my left-hand sidebar to get a FREE Kindle app that allows you to read them on just about any mobile device OR on your computer!  Get your links to all these eBooks below!

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