How to Make the Best Darned Low-Carb Asian Recipes You’ll Ever Find

I absolutely love PF Changs. The problem is that I love all the dishes they serve that aren’t low carb. So it has literally been years since I have dined there.  I prefer to make my own Asian dishes so I can get all the flavor and none of the carbs.  I will share some of the best darned low-carb Asian recipes you will ever find, bar none, today!

low-carb asian dishes

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How to Make 3 Amazing But Quick and Easy Zoodle Dishes Complete with Video Directions!

...and you can make them ALL LOW CARB!

Everyone loves zoodles! They are simple to make, light and are great at taking the place of noodles in lots of recipes! Since they take the carb noodles out of the mix they are perfect for our low-carb lifestyle! 

Low Carb Delicious Zoodles served up 3 Ways

Image Credit: The Domestic Geek

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Make Your Mother’s Comfort Food Recipes

...Low-Carb DELICIOUS with the help of Cauli-Rice!

Make Your Mothers Comfort Food LOW Carb!

Last week we learned to make cauliflower rice and transformed it into fried rice that has all the flavor of the original!  That was followed up with the cauli-rice recipe roundup in which I promised a roundup of recipes that incorporate cauliflower as rice.

That simple ingredient allows those of us on a low-carb lifestyle to enjoy some comfort foods that had been lacking in our meal plans. Meals we grew up with… that our mothers made…but no more! Here’s just some of the BEST of those recipes! 

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