ULTIMATE Guide – 200+ Amazing Appetizers for Game Day!

ALL Certified Low-Carb Delicious!

Every year we host a big party for Super Bowl. I could frankly care less who plays or who wins the actual football game. It’s just a great “excuse” to get together  with some of my favorite people to party, eat and drink!

It is known as our SOUPER Super Bowl Party as it showcases some of my guests’ best soups (we usually have 6 to 8 varieties keeping warm in slow cookers), appetizers, sides and desserts! 

Ultimate Guide to 200+ Low Carb Appetizers

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80 EASY to Make or Buy Low-Carb Snacks…

...to help you keep on track ANYWHERE & Any TIME!

80 SUPER Easy to Make Low Carb Snacks

I feel half the “battle” of staying on track with a low-carb lifestyle is to have great certified low-carb delicious alternatives on hand for when hunger (or boredom) strikes! Here’s 80 easy to prepare (or just buy at the store and serve) low-carb snacks to help!

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13 Mouthwatering Delicious Low-Carb Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers!

Low-Carb Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers

Everyone loves appetizers! Take an appetizer and wrap it in bacon and you’ve got some mouth watering, delicious winners that you and your guests will love! Best of all they take minimal effort (my favorite) so you get to enjoy the party too!

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