Drinking Alcohol on a Low Carb Diet

The question of whether or not one can drink alcoholic beverages on a low-carb diet comes up all the time, especially at holiday time… or in the summer by the pool… or, well you get the drift!

It came up just yesterday on our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group. I promised to get this article finished and up asap, so here you go, the answer to your question!

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How to Make Amazing Kick-Ass Low-Carb Lemonade or Limoncello!

... and KEEP it LOW CARB!

Oh-eM-GEE!  FAIL!  I had an awesome holiday weekend but it was a giant carbohydrate FAIL! While I easily stayed to my less than 20 net carbs a day with food the lemon drop martini’s I drank during our party put me way over the edge!

I’ll explain why in a minute, but I am going to be really prepared for next time! Here’s a bunch of certified low-carb delicious lemonade recipes so that you can be too!

how to make low carb lemonade

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How Many Carbs Are IN That Wine?

How Many Carbs are in that Wine?

I just saw a Facebook post from our favorite Italian restaurant… it’s Date Night tonight! What that means is that each couple can share a large appetizer, have soup or salad, an entree, dessert AND a bottle of good wine for only $50!  A very small price to pay for such delicious food!  BUT what will we pay for  in carbs “masquerading” as wine?  

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Cocktails for a Guilt Free, Low-Carb Summer

Low Carb Cocktails are great for summer celebrations!

Summer brings lots of picnics, parties and weddings and lots of cocktails! What can you drink and still stay on your low-carb diet? LOTS! My favorite is easy, spiced rum and Coke Zero, my hubby Michael loves a standard martini, both ZERO carbs!  But for times we want something a little more “exotic” here’s a whole array of recipes!

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