Sugar Free Dried Cranberries honest review of Honestly Cranberry

Given the opportunity to try, taste and test out some totally sugar-free dried cranberries from a company located right in the heartlands of the United States you can bet I jumped on that in a heartbeat! 

Sugar Free Dried Cranberries - Yay or Nay?

Yes, Honestly Cranberry did send me a sample of their product to test and taste but they have not sponsored this review, none of their links are affiliated and the opinions are my own. Although I did get them to graciously agree to give all my readers and members a great gift! Keep reading to find out how to get yours!

So let me say right out of the box, or paper pouch in this case, that the one and ONLY ingredient in this product is cranberries. Period. Cranberries raised on a Wisconsin farm that has been producing cranberries for 140 years! Back in the 1970’s they were sold to and marketed by Ocean Spray but you can now get these great no sugar added dried cranberries from the Honestly Cranberry company. 

Well I guess I should have said spoiler alert huh? Yes, I give these sugar-free dried cranberries two thumbs up! They are very fresh tasting, highly tart berries that burst with flavor when eaten! 

Sugar Free Dried Cranberries

Do NOT expect them to taste like craisins marketed by Ocean Spray! These are tart! But then they are also only about 8 net carbs for the same serving (1/4 cup) that would cost you 30 net carbs with Ocean Spray’s sweetened variety!

I would never just munch on these straight out of the bag so I will never have to worry about eating 8 carbs worth!   My hubby, Michael, found it funny watching me taste the the first time! Imagine the pucker face with one brow raised with the other eye closed look! LOL! Tart like a fresh lemon tart!

Cranberry muffins with sugar free dried cranberries

These sugar-free dried cranberries proved to be just the right amount of tart sprinkled on a fresh greens salad and topped with a nice sugar-free raspberry vinaigrette!  I added a sliced strawberry to add a touch of sweet to counter-balance the tartness of the cranberries and everyone loved it!

They work wonderfully in your favorite low-carb muffin recipe or try them in a “holiday” bread recipe like the one included  in the video below.  They’ll allow you to add that special flavor we associate so much with our fall and winter holidays without adding too many extra carbs.

While it’s nice to add fresh cranberries to your muffin mix I don’t know about you but I don’t always have them in the house and sometimes they don’t even have them in stock at my local grocery store. I am happy to know I have some in my pantry closet! The sliced version (pictured on my salad & in the measuring cup above) gives you nice sized pieces, if you prefer to have chips throughout your mix or salad order diced to have in your cupboard.

Order Your Sugar Free Dried Cranberries

So YES!  A resounding two thumbs up for Honestly Cranberry’s sugar-free dried cranberries! They will make anything they are added to certified low-carb delicious and earn our seal of approval! Mary at Honestly Cranberry will even include an additional sample pack of their sliced dried cranberries with every order that tells her “Marge Burkell of Skinny On Low Carb sent me!”  under the “Special Instructions for the Seller” tab before checkout! How cool is that?!  

As always I love hearing your ideas! What will you add your sugar-free dried cranberries to? Please let me know with your comment below or on #TheLowCarbChallenge Facebook group! 

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