Can You REALLY Reverse Diabetes With Diet?

Is it really possible to reverse diabetes and get off insulin by modifying your lifestyle? Sami Inkinen and Dr. Sarah Hallberg are making just that case being interviewed on The Doctors about Virta Health, their tech company that is reversing type 2 diabetes using a low-carb, high fat, moderate protein diet… sound familiar?  

Reversing Diabetes

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In addition to losing weight (the woman in the video lost 80#!) you can get yourself healthier! Watch and see for yourself: 

While  I have never been a diabetic I have written about it before, and there are many members of our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group that are and report great results after embracing our low-carb lifestyle.

I also know people personally that have spouses that “control” their diabetes by adjusting their insulin!  Many times with the blessing of their doctor!  Their advice is basically eat something bad? Do a blood test and take more drugs.  That’s sad, and not healthy in the long run.

According to the CDC diabetes ranks #7 in deaths but diabetes is also a risk factor for cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke and those rank at #1 and #5.  Not trying to scare anyone, but the truth is … well the truth.  

If you want to get started on a healthier lifestyle while losing weight (what a great side effect!) than check out our Checklist for Getting Started on YOUR Weight Loss Journey!  You can find that checklist at the top of every page of the website.

I look forward to hearing about your successes soon!
Ciao for NOW! ~Marge


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2 thoughts on “Can You REALLY Reverse Diabetes With Diet?

  1. I started LCHF WOE on 7/18/16. I was type 2 diabetic and was on 50 units of insulin twice per day. I lost 42 pounds and I am no longer on insulin. I take no diabetic medication now, but I did have to take 5 units at night January through March of this year (2017) because I was undergoing bilateral steroid injections x 3 (total of 6, 3 to each side) and my blood sugars were sneaking back up. Part of the reason was because of the steroids and part of it was depression over my back condition and pain, which can cause glucose to rise when the body is under the stress of pain as well as other forms of unrelenting stress. I also did a lot of cheating, off and on, with comfort foods that more times than not were high carb. I did gain back 7 pounds during this time and have only lost 1 pound of it, but I am still plugging away on my LCHF WOE and no longer taking any insulin, once again. My experience with reversing diabetes is to stay on the LCHF WOE and if medical issues come up that cause you to go back on insulin, just try to wean back off of it and get back on the plan.

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