Recover From the Holidays

Recovering from the holidays

Did you get off track over the holiday?  Have one too many glasses of wine, pieces of pie or <GASP> mashed potatoes???  Well we’re going to talk about how to get yourself back on track in the fastest possible turnaround time!

1. First off, quit beating yourself up! You are human! We all falter and fall at some point. This is, after all the real world and while we all try to stick with the low-carb lifestyle as best we can you just have to give in to some extra yummy high-carb delights every now and again! Beating yourself over it isn’t going to make the outcome different (if you want that be sure to stock up on some all-natural carb inhibitors before the next time) so STOP! Concentrate on going forward.  

2. Don’t delay!  If you start the “I’ll start back up tomorrow/next week/after the holidays/after the first of the year” crap you won’t start! Do it NOW!

Drink LOTS of water!

3. Start drinking WATER!  Yes, water and LOTS of it. You want to help FLUSH those “toxins” and fat out of your system so fill up a BIG glass or mug with a healthy dose of ice cold water, stick in a straw and leave it right next to you all day every day! Why a straw? Because for whatever reason it’s a known fact that using a straw makes us drink MORE! So steal one from a local fast food place if need be, but use a straw.  Craving a cocktail? Pour that water with a splash of sugar-free flavoring into a pretty stemware glass and sip away!  You’ll be surprised how much difference that small detail can make!

4. If you really made a mess of it then go back onto induction phase to  put yourself back into ketosis FAST!  Get back down to NO more than 20 net carbs a day, swear off alcohol until at least next weekend or the next holiday party and avoid the other foods we normally do when just started out. Not sure what those are? Read the article linked above.  

5. Remember to eat when you are hungry and STOP when full. You do not have to pay attention to calories but you don’t need to eat like there is no tomorrow either, not if you truly want great results in the quickest time possible. 

Turn OFF the Scale & Take MEASUREMENTS!

6.  Stay away from the scale. You know you’re going to do it today if you haven’t already but don’t step on it anymore than once a week. It will serve no purpose and will just stress you out!

7. This is a great time to go ahead and record that weight, take some measurements (I wish I had a nickel for every person that tells me that while the scale hasn’t moved that they lost inches or their clothes feel so much better!) and pictures. You are going to want to revel in your success in a few weeks so you’re going to want PROOF!  Non-scale victories are the BEST! After all you can’t walk around carrying a scale!

8. Pat yourself on the back. YES! I am serious! You survived! You will have learned from your mistakes, had a great time with friends and will be back on the straight and narrow before it got completely out of hand and into a carbfest!  Congratulate yourself that you took the time to read this whole article and have the courage to stick with your lifestyle and start again!  

What threw YOU off track over the holiday?  What might you have done to combat the craving? What recipe might you have used to substitute for that high-carb craving? We would love to hear your feedback! Be sure to leave it in your comment below! In the meantime, ciao for now!  ~Marge 

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge

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