Why Following a Recipe Can Set You Up for Disastrous Results!

...whether Low Carb or NOT!

Every wonder why you can follow a recipe to the letter and still end up with disastrous results?  It’s not you.  It’s not the recipe.  Stay tuned to find out exactly why your dinner party went up in flames!

Why Your Recipe Ruined Your Dinner Party

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I have to admit, that while it rarely happens, that anytime one of you emails me that you followed one of my recipes to the letter and it didn’t turn out as well as expected I cringe a little. Okay, a lot.  

Since I couldn’t be in your kitchen looking over your shoulder I try to figure out what might have gone wrong. But truth be told, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t you. It wasn’t the recipe. Instead of my trying to explain it I will let master chef Jacques Pépin do it:


For someone who writes recipes, there is a paradox between the written recipe and the creation of a taste.

When writing a recipe, one records a moment in time which can never be duplicated exactly again. The paradox is that the recipe tells the reader, this must be done this way, when, in fact, to get the result you’re looking for, the recipe has to be modified each time.  ~Jacques Pépin


You see there are so many variable that can sabotage you along the way. The ingredients. The stove. Heck even the level you happen to be above sea level!

So, what is the point of at recipe? A recipe is a teaching tool, a guide, a point of departure. You have to follow it exactly the first time you make the dish. But as you make it again and again, you will change it, you will massage it to fit your own taste, your own sense of aesthetic.  ~Jacques Pépin

I guess the moral of the story is to roll with the punches. Start with the recipe but be willing to adapt along the way if life gave you lemons when you expected oranges.  I adapt recipes all the time. I have to admit that I rarely make something, unless it’s either really simple or very complex, exactly how a recipe calls for.

Be willing to play in your kitchen! After all, it’s only food. If all else fails, call for takeout! I can guarantee you your guests won’t mind and take it from someone that’s been there, it will bother you far more than it will bother them! Open another bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company until the delivery man shows up! Cheers! 

In the meantime, ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

p.s. video and quotes courtesy of PBS. Get the full transcript HERE.


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