Most Popular Low-Carb Products At Netrition

I’ve been ordering from Netrition for 3+ years now, ever since I started a low-carb lifestyle and I’ve had nothing but GREAT experiences. They have super fast shipping, a HUGE selection of super low-carb products, and a low $5.99 flat rate shipping – no matter how much you order, or how much it weighs!  I sure can’t get that deal from my local supermarket and Netrition packs their boxes WAY better than my grocery store clerks pack their bags! I have never had one thing break!

I am sitting here putting my own low-carb Netrition order together and decided to see what you are buying too! As an affiliate of Netrition I can see what the readers of this blog and members of our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group buy. You give me great ideas for new low-carb products I might want to try too! 

Most Popular Low-Carb Products At Netrition

This is where I always order my Carbquik, because I have never been able to buy that locally. I use it in any recipe that calls for a baking mix like Bisquik and the results are great!  We love the biscuit recipe I use for my sausage gravy over biscuits for a hearty weekend breakfast! They are good warm out of the oven slathered in butter and a little sugar-free jam too! 

While I was at it I thought I’d share some of the most popular items from the most recent report with you, in case you’re looking for a little variety yourself!

So here are the low-carb Netrition products you order all the time:

atkins_endulge_barAtkinsEndulge Candy Bars
Bella Vita Pasta SauceBella VitaPasta Sauce
Big Train Brownie MixBig TrainBrownie Mix
Big Train Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle MixBig TrainButtermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix
Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour/MealBob's Red Mill Almond Flour/Meal
Bob's Red Mill Arrowroot StarchBob's Red MillArrowroot Starch
Bob's Red Mill Coconut FlourBob's Red MillCoconut Flour
Bob's Red Mill Flaxseed MealBob's Red MillFlaxseed Meal
Bob's Red Mill Baking MixBob's Red MillBob's Red Mill Baking Mix
DaVinci Sugar-Free SyrupDaVinciDaVinci Sugar Free Syrups
DaVinci Syrup PumpDaVinciSyrup Pump
Dixie USA Angel Food PuffsDixie USAAngel Food Puffs
Dixie USA Hot CerealDixie USA Hot Cereal
Eden Foods Black Soy BeansEden FoodsBlack Soy Beans
Eden Foods Pumpkin SeedsEden FoodsPumpkin Seeds
GG Scandinavian Bran CrispbreadGG ScandinavianBran Crispbread
Great Low Carb Bread Company BagelsGreat Low Carb Bread CompanyBagels
Great Low carb Bread Company BreadGreat Low Carb Bread CompanyBread
Great Low Carb Bread Company Hamburger RollsGreat Low Carb Bread CompanyHamburger Rolls
Great Low Carb Bread Hot Dog RollsGreat Low Carb Bread CompanyHot Dog Rolls
Great Low Carb Bread Company Pizza CrustGreat Low Carb Bread CompanyPizza Crust; Thin Crust - 7"
Guy's Award Winning BBQ SauceGuy's Award Winning BBQ Sauce
Heinz Reduced Sugar KetchupHeinzReduced Sugar Ketchup
Joseph's Pita BreadJoseph's Middle East BakeryPita Bread
Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan ChipsKitchen Table BakersParmesan Chips
Lily's Sweets Premium Dark Chocolate ChipsLily's SweetsPremium Dark Chocolate Chips
Low Carb Specialties ChocoPerfection BarsLow Carb SpecialtiesChocoPerfection Bars
Mama Lupe's TortillasMama Lupe'sTortillas
Miracle Noodle Shirataki PastaMiracle NoodlesShirataki Pasta
Moon Cheese SnacksMoon Cheese SnacksMoon Cheese
Maple Grove Farms Pancake and Waffle MixMaple Grove FarmsPancake and Waffle Mix
Nature’s Hollow 		Sugar Free Mountain Berry PreservesNature's HollowSugar Free Mountain Berry Preserves
Nature's Way Coconut OilNature's WayCoconut Oil
New Hope Mills Muffin & Bread MixNew Hope MillsMuffin & Bread Mix; Orange Cranberry
Quest Nutrition BarsQuestNutrition Bars
Sans Sucre Cinnamon Sugar SubstituteSans SucreCinnamon Sugar Substitute
Sensato Sugar Free Chocolate ChipsSensatoSugar Free Chocolate Chips
Skinny CrispsSkinny CrispsSkinny Crisps
Specialty Cheese Just the Cheese ChipsSpecialty CheeseJust the Cheese Chips
Thinslim Impastable Low Carb PastaThinSlimImpastable Low Carb Pasta
ThinSlim BagelsThinSlimBagels
ThinSlim BreadThinSlimBread
ThinSlim Hamburger RollsThinSlimHamburger Rolls
ThinSlim Hotdog RollsThinSlimHotdog Rolls
Toufayan Pita BreadToufayan BakeriesPita Bread
Torani Sugar Free SyrupsToraniSugar Free Syrups
Carbquik Bake MixTovaCarbquik Bake Mix
Walden Farms BBQ Sauce Walden FarmsBBQ Sauce
Walden Farms SyrupsWalden FarmsZero Carb Syrups
Walden Farms VinaigretteWalden FarmsVinaigrette

I use a lot of these products myself, but not all. I find it interesting to see what you continually order over and over; it makes it easier for me to decide what new products to add to my own order! For instance while I love Carbquik it is obvious by the number of units ordered that a fair amount of you like Bob’s Red Mill Baking Mix… wonder why that is?

While half of use like ThinSlim products just as many of you like the Great Low Carb Bread Company’s bread products. I personally order ThinSlim and have reviewed both their bread and bagels. It’s all good and it’s great that one company (that offers such great low-cost shipping) gives us so many wonderful options! 

So which of these products do you use in your home? Which are your favorites?  As for me I need to finish up my own order.  Since I am good on almond and coconut flour and have enough flaxseed meal here is the order I am placing this time around:

Popular Low-Carb Products At Netrition

I always have to have some Carbquik in the pantry and ThinSlim products in my freezer! I like to reorder before I run out, which I just did so I cannot wait for this order to get here! I am getting the pumpkin seeds for Michael to try  and those orange-cranberry muffins are just calling my name… warm, right out of the oven and slathered with rich, creamy butter! YUM!  

The black soy beans are a staple in our home, super low carb and GREAT in chili or soups, and I love adding them to cauliflower fried rice to add a Mexican twist! Sprinkle a little ground cumin on it instead of soy, add some chopped fresh cilantro and we have an interesting side dish that goes great with chicken!

Well, that’s it for now! I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these items or others that you cannot live without so I might try them too!  

Until next time!

Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

p.s. I hit the $75 mark with my order this month so I get a freebie! I think I might get a shaker bottle, or a T-shirt… can’t have to many of either… what’re your favorite freebie?



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