DIY No-Sew Pillow Cover in Just Minutes

...using the ancient art of Japanese Furoshiki

Create No-Sew Pillow Covers in Just MinutesThe ancient craft of Japanese Furoshiki dates back generations and was traditionally used for transporting goods.  Sometimes it was used to pretty up a package intended as a gift.  It is super simple to do and doesn’t require anything except for a pillow, fabric and your hands!

Create No-Sew Pillow Covers in Just Minutes!

The two pillows in the center of the picture above were both covered using this technique and were completed and in use in mere moments! The variegated teal, lime and cream one on the left was covered by a piece of fabric rough cut off a bolt that I never got around to actually sewing into a cover to grace my morning room settee in warm-weather months. The multi-colored floral print on the pillow to it’s right is nothing more than an old sarong I pulled out of my drawer! I tucked the ends of the knot on the left-hand one because it was fraying fabric but I let the ones on the right add a bit of flair to the overall easygoing look.

But enough talk, let me show you how easy they are to make:

See how super simple? Think to use big square scarves, fabrics on the remnant table at your local store, heck I used a sarong! As long as you can fold it into a big enough square you’re good!

That’s all the skinny on looking good for less for today!  If you make one be sure to hop on our Facebook page and tag me with your picture! I would love to see them!  
In the meantime, ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW! ~Marge

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2 thoughts on “DIY No-Sew Pillow Cover in Just Minutes

  1. What a beautiful way to dress up a pillow! What was the size of the pillow in the video, and how much fabric yardage do you need in relation to the size of a pillow in order to assure you have enough fabric at each end to make the final tie? Is there a “rule of thumb” to make such a determination? Thanks.

  2. Thanks! It just makes it SO easy that I know I won’t hesitate to change up my pillows more often! I am glad you like it! To be honest I just experimented… the smaller pillow is a 14″ and the fabric was just an old remnant I happened to have laying around. It was probably a yard or a bit more they cut off the bolt at the store.

    The bigger pillow is 18″ and that sarong is well, sarong size… I folded it’s length so that it ended up pretty square (no, I didn’t measure it, the technique is pretty forgiving) before I wrapped the pillow.

    Okay Sugarcrush, let me figure this out… Thinking cap on…I was a professional wearable art designer, pattern company owner, quilter and quilt teacher for a big part of my life so you’re pretty safe in my doing that…

    I just went and measured one of my sarongs; it measures 42″ (which is the standard width of most cottons you buy off a store bolt) and it’s length is 60″ which is way longer than you really need since I folded it into a square to basically match the 42″ side.

    If you need to buy yardage for that 18″ pillow or pillow form and your fabric is 42″ wide I would buy at least 1-1/4 yds and fold the length over to make it basically square. If you run across scarves, etc. at yard sales and such just make sure they are big enough and have fun with it! I can’t wait to keep my eye out for several myself! If you make some please tag me with a picture on Facebook or Pinterest!

    I hope that helps!

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