Testing Out November’s Keto Krate; Is it Worth the Cost?

Complete with Cost Comparisons and Mini-Reviews!

November’s Keto Krate was delivered yesterday upon my arrival home and I was so excited to see what was included this month! I quickly set up my camera to capture my unboxing so that all of you can see exactly what to expect when you order and unbox your own!


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Let’s dive right into the products, what Michael and I think of them and cost comparisons so that you can find the best deal on the individual products… and then we’ll talk about the value of the subscription box!

First up is the no sugar added Nuti Light, which is a hazelnut, milk chocolate spread.

Having never tasted the original Nutella I cannot compare the two but I can tell you this has a very creamy texture and a very mild taste. It tastes more of hazelnuts than chocolate. I think I may like it heated and used as a glaze on a low-carb cake or perhaps made into fat bombs!  You can find it on their website for $8.49 plus $3.99 shipping and s/h is free when you order at least 3 jars. I would add mine to my monthly Netrition order as it’s only $6.99 and flat rate shipping for as much as I buy is only $5.99 from them. It costs $8.99 at Amazon and you can get free shipping if you have a Prime account. 

Next up is Pili Nuts which I have never heard of before… as you can see in my video I tried to describe how they taste but I really cannot equate it with any other nut I have ever eaten.

  • Raw and sprouted
  • With an added touch of Himalayan salt and coconut oil
  • Naturally Low Carb
  • The Perfect Paleo or Keto Snack
  • Great source of protein

According to the package they have the highest oil content of any nut on the planet and are very pleasant for a quick snack! They come in various flavors but I sampled the coconut oil with himalayan salt and found it quite good. They do not carry these on the Netrition site but you can find them on Amazon for $14.95 + $5.95 shipping and the same size package on their website is $16.99 + free shipping for the better buy. 

The Jack, Almond & Pumpkin Seed Snack Pack I pulled out of the box next will make a good take it with you snack anywhere. It is made up of freeze dried monterey jack cheese, pumpkin seeds, and almonds so very low (2 net carbs in a full 1/4 cup) in carbs! They retail at only $2.00 on HoldTheCarbs.com website or you can get them on Amazon and other flavors on Netrition at only $1.49 per pack.  

kingmadeI was a bit apprehensive about the Kingmade jerky and intended to let Michael do the sampling. BUT I have to say this is the best tasting jerky I have ever had! The Buffalo Style registers “just right” on the heat meter and both Michael and I are enjoying it. It’s made of  flank steak jerky and is only 3 carbs per 1 oz serving.

It’s not available on either Amazon or Netrition, but  you can get your hands on it in bulk on the KingMadeJerky.com website, for $138.99 for 18 packs ($7.72 each, which is the 2.25 ounce size I got in my Keto Krate), or $46.99 for a 1 pound bag which is slightly less ($6.61 for 2.25 ounces) than the indivisual bags. They do offer a 10% off discount code in the Keto Krate that runs through the end of the year.

Both Michael and I really love the ChocoPerfection Almond Dark Chocolate Bar that is included in this month’s box! It is very creamy with just the right amount of sweetness without being cloying, which we have found with some low-carb chocolate. It also is not dry or chalky like others. We both give it a thumbs up! 

  • Gluten free, non-GMO ingredients
  • Made from 55% to 63% cocoa solids
  • 14g Prebiotic fiber which reduces sugar cravings
  • No maltitol

You can get a 12-bar box from Netrition for $44.95 ($3.75 each). That will save you $4 from the ChocoPerfection.com website price.  You can also get individual bars from Netrition at $3.79 each so you can mix and match and try out a variety of flavors if you’d like! 

Amazon also offers a 6-Bar Variety Pack of different flavors that works out to $3.83 each. The variety pack includes 2 Dark Mint, 1 Dark, 1 Milk, 1 Dark Raspberry, and 1 Dark Almond bar. – View Details and Reviews 

Last but certainly not least and one of the things I really wanted to try asap is the KZ Clean Eating Breakfast Cereal.

It is described as a chunky musli and consists of sunflower seeds, coconut chips, pumpkin seeds erythritol, coconut oil, hazelnuts, pecans, cinnamon and vanilla powders and it is absolutely delicious! 5 out of 5 STARS delicious!

I had a small serving with heavy whipping cream and thought that it certainly wouldn’t fill me up or keep me that way… but I am happy to report that it did and it does!  I am anxious to try it with CarbMaster vanilla “milk” as well as unsweetened almond milk! It also will make a great snack right out of the bag! 

Amazon stocks the 8.8 ounce bag for $12.99 or a 17.6 ounce bag for $19.99 which of course would be your better deal.

KZ Clean Eating has  quite a few other products that caught my eye!  You can view their Amazon store here to see all the items that sound yummy!

Have you tried their crackers? If this cereal is this good I am thinking the crackers have to be the bomb! Please scroll down and leave a comment below if you have! I would love to hear from you!



You can read about the past Keto Krates I have opened and reviewed to see what other types of products they typically include. 

But is it for you? Will you get good value? Let’s do a breakdown in cost… the Keto Krate is  $34.95 (plus shipping) each month… and be sure to use my discount code at checkout for 10% off your first box!

You can get some of the items on Netrition  and they have a low flat-rate shipping of $5.95 no matter how much you order, but other items you’d have to order on Amazon or on the individual websites which makes it tough to compare.

You have to order most of the products in boxes, or bulk but even ordering using the cheapest options I could find, it would cost you approximately $200+ to purchase these products online! 

That makes this month’s  Keto Krate a GREAT value at only $34.95! Be sure to use my discount code, 10OFFKK at checkout to save 10% off your first box! In addition to that you can cancel anytime, and you can even order individual Keto Boxes on their website!  They also include coupons and discount codes in every box which increases the value a lot more!


  • Always Low Carb: All snacks in Keto Krate have less than 5g of carbs per serving. Often much less.
  • Natural Is Better: “Nuts, dried meats, dried cheeses and more. If it’s natural and low carb it’s at the top of our Keto snack list.
  • No Contract/Money-Back Guarantee: You can cancel at anytime, there’s no long term contract. And your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • NO MALTITOL  so your tummy will love you!

I like the opportunity to try out products that I wouldn’t even know about otherwise! You know how hard it is to find great low-carb foods, this way you get new items to try in your Keto Krate every single month! Score!

So what do you think? is Keto Krate for you? Only you can decide. I think this month’s krate is a great value! I think they will sell out fast so if you want one, order it now!  

In the meantime, ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell



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