Mars Candy Company Takes Bold Step… OR Smart Marketing?

How Much Sugar is in a Candy Bar?

It was reported this week that Mars Candy company has announced they will support a USDA Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report recommending limits on added sugar in the diet, and that they will also support including added sugar on all food labels.  But is that to help out consumers? Do consumers really pay attention?

While shoppers say they pay attention to nutritional labels on the foods they buy Time magazine reports that a study at the University of Minnesota reveals that that just isn’t so.  

The study tracked the eye movements of 203 participants and while 24% said they paid attention to sugar content the study and the eye-tracking equipment revealed that only 1% actually did.  In addition to that most paid attention to the top lines but only scanned briefly through the rest of the label.  

Standard Nutrition Label

Carbohydrates, what we all track daily when living a low-carb lifestyle, is normally located about half way down the label. Sugar is listed there too because they are carbohydrates.

Regardless if Mars is agreeing to list added sugars to help benefit consumers or see it as a great marketing ploy since consumers aren’t reading the labels anyway, it will be there for you to see, so use the added information to make smart and healthy decisions when purchasing products! It’s one more tool in your arsenal!

How about you? Do you read nutritional labels? Do you use them when deciding what to buy? I love hearing your thoughts so please leave them in your comment below or over on our Facebook group or page.

In the meantime, that’s all the skinny on the new “bold” move being made by some junk-food companies.
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Ciao for NOW! ~Marge Burkell

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