Check OUT What’s in the March Keto Krate!

Mini-Reviews AND Cost Comparisons TOO!

I was so excited when I discovered my March Keto Krate in my mailbox today! The guys that own the company are nice enough to send me one so that I can share its contents with you! While they sent it to me all of my opinions are my own, well mine and Michael’s who helped me taste test this month’s products this morning… so here’s what is in it and what we thought.

March Keto Krate

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First I want to advise you not to shuffle your feet because the first batch of these sold out already! ACK!  BUT they have promised that they are readying another batch that will go out tomorrow!  If you want one check the top of their page… if you see “First batch of March Krates sold out already!  Sign up today to secure a shipment in our second March batch–shipping out March 15th!” you can still get this month’s box, otherwise you will be one of the first to get April’s.  



With that said let’s get into what’s in the March Keto Krate: 

Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters Spicy Thai Peanut Butter ($8.99)

Don’t ask why but I decided it would be a good idea for  my hubby Michael and I to check out all the nut products in the box. Did I note that most were spicy or peppery? Uh, no. But we did, starting with the nut butter. not just any peanut butter but spicy Thai peanut butter! O-M-G! It’s SO good! This product is featured in this box’s recipe, Thai Shrimp Stir Fry and we can’t wait to try making it! The nut butter itself tastes delicious, is rich in flavor and is nice and creamy and it has just the right amount of diced peanuts throughout.

According to the enclosed information “Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters is a small batch, savory nut butter company based out of Portland Oregon that strives to deliver the most flavorful nut butters you’ve ever had.”  This one certainly delivers!  You can find this on Amazon for only $11.16 with free shipping for qualified orders which is cheaper than ordering it from their website for the $8.99 + $4.95 flat rate shipping and handling. They offer a nice range of flavors! I can’t wait to try more! The Espresso Nib Peanut Butter sounds particularly good! Which would you like? I would love to hear in your comment below!

Pizootz Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Peanuts ($3.00)

Next one we tried was the Pizootz Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Peanuts. Now, Michael and I really love salt and pepper peanuts but we always get ours from the Plantation Peanut Company located in southern Virginia.  So we were anxious to see how they stood up to our tried and true. Unfortunately they don’t. When I opened the bag the first thing I said is where is the cracked pepper? Very disappointing. I also know, because we stop right at Plantation Peanut’s storefront, that their peanuts are harvested and roasted in Wakefield, Virginia. The Pizootz brand says Portsmouth, VA on the package so I have to assume that is where Alfred Pizootz lives or has his factory; they do not list an address on their website.

They included a 1.45 ounce pack serving in this month’s box. If you are interested in trying the Pizootz peanuts they are $19.95 for a pound with free shipping on their website or  you can order the 12-pack on Amazon for $27.99 ($2.33 each) with free shipping on all qualified orders.  OR you can get a 5.75 ounce bag on Amazon for 7.99 + free shipping. There is a nice variety of flavors so perhaps a combination pack would be a nice way to try out a lot of flavors.  

Personally? I will continue to stop at Plantation Nuts on my way to the beach. When I cannot stop I order through their website, where I can get 22 ounces for only $10.95, I see the cracked pepper and they are amazingly delicious!  I am not affiliated with them, I just love them and think you will too! 

Front Porch Pecans: Roasted Sea Salt ($4.00)

Okay, so after the salt and pepper peanuts I thought oh no this is going to be a bust too. I mean I chomp on pecans I buy in big bags from Costco all the time… but this time was have pleasantly surprised!  The addition of the sea salt to their pecans makes for a great added dimension to this healthy low-carb snack!  I make “sugared” nuts when I have the time using my recipe but the sea salt is really yummy! Enough that I will order these! They are available in some stores but if they aren’t you can easily order them on Amazon where they are $22.50 for a full pound.  

PowerBlend Omega 3 Coconut Goji ($9.95)

The jury is still out on this one. We didn’t have anything to put this on so we tasted it on its own and the flavor was so subtle that we were left scratching our heads. Check our Facebook group or Instagram feed to see what we ultimately decide.  Do you have an opinion? We would all love to hear it so be sure to weigh in on the group or here in your comment!  

They offer other flavors and you can get a variety pack on Amazon or buy them individually on their website

4505 Chicharrones Smokehouse BBQ Fried Pork Rinds ($4.00)

Having finished up the nut products Michael and I moved onto the chicharrones, which are fried pork rinds. The smokehouse BBQ flavor is really good and we really liked the texture of these too!  These are available on Amazon at $18.00 for a 4-pack and free shipping on qualified orders.  

Adapt Your Life: Lemon Cheesecake Snack Bar ($2.00) 

Adapt BarThis Lemon Cheesecake bar is more of a bite at only 0.71 ounces but those 20 grams are jam packed with flavor! We both liked them and agree that they would be an easy snack to have on hand anywhere. You can order them from the Adapt Your Life website for $27.00 for a box of 12.

ChocoPerfection Sugar Free Raspberry Dark Chocolate Candy Bar ($3.99)

Last but certainly not least is the always loved chocolate from ChocoPerfection. They consistently get rave reviews and this one is no exception. They always seem to get 4+ stars out of 5 on Amazon no matter the flavor. I personally love the orange chocolate but the raspberry is good too. You can get a box of 12 on their website for $48.95 or smaller, boxes of 6 for $22.95 with free shipping on Amazon.


keto krate closeup



  • Always Low Carb: All snacks in Keto Krate have less than 5g of carbs per serving. Often much less.
  • Natural Is Better: “Nuts, dried meats, dried cheeses and more. If it’s natural and low carb it’s at the top of our Keto snack list.
  • No Contract/Money-Back Guarantee: You can cancel at anytime, there’s no long term contract. And your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • NO MALTITOL  so your tummy will love you!

I like the opportunity to try out products that I wouldn’t even know about otherwise! You know how hard it is to find great low-carb foods, this way you get 6 to 8 new items to try in your Keto Krate every single month! Score!

Each krate costs $35.95 plus $4.95 s/h so you can see by the list of products that you get that much and more in the products included and the promo codes included for purchase of your favorites.

So what do you think? is Keto Krate for you? Only you can decide. I think this month’s krate is a great value.. They will sell out fast at this low price so if you want one, so order it now!  

In the meantime, ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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