How to Make Amazing Kick-Ass Low-Carb Lemonade or Limoncello!

... and KEEP it LOW CARB!

Oh-eM-GEE!  FAIL!  I had an awesome holiday weekend but it was a giant carbohydrate FAIL! While I easily stayed to my less than 20 net carbs a day with food the lemon drop martini’s I drank during our party put me way over the edge!

I’ll explain why in a minute, but I am going to be really prepared for next time! Here’s a bunch of certified low-carb delicious lemonade recipes so that you can be too!

how to make low carb lemonade

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So what happened and why I failed so miserably is because I am frugal. When we went to the beach a few weeks ago we split a pony keg of a yummy malt beverage called Larry’s Lemonade. It’s a regional favorite in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and only available on tap, no bottles, no growlers.

One of the others we traveled with convinced one of our favorite local restaurants to let us buy a pony keg from them. Five gallons. Didn’t sound like a lot until it wasn’t hot and sunny. So we ended up bringing the leftovers home.  

Fast forward a couple weeks of staring at it in my fridge and I decided to make lemon drop martinis out of it for our guests. Malt liquor. No nutritional label but I have to guess it’s pretty comparable to beer.  Not the smartest move on my part but I hated to throw it away!

If I had only used any o f these recipes with the vodka I would have been fine. Would have kept it low carb. But I didn’t. BUT I will next time!

Have one with me??? With or without alcohol they will all taste amazing next to the pool or on the beach on any hot sunny day! 



I absolutely LOVE limoncello! I learned to make it when staying in a wonderful 350+ year old villa in the Tuscan region of Italy. Ulla, one of the owners of Locanda Casanuova outside of Figline Valdarno, invited me to spend a few hours in their amazing kitchen with the local women as they prepared dinner.

It just so happened that they were also making limoncello that afternoon! They made theirs with grain alcohol but that is not legal to buy in the state of Virginia so I use vodka instead. The water and sugar in this recipe are used to create simple syrup. You will find my recipe for that right here in the blog.  It reminds me of Italy, Thierry and Ulla’s place in particular!

I like to keep a bottle in the freezer and serve it ice cold! It makes a perfect lemon drop martini! Want to make it super special? Add some fresh squeezed lemons like Matt does for me at Coastal Cravings, the wonderful restaurant where we first discovered Larry’s Lemonade last year! 

Ciao! ~Marge Burkell





p.s. I haven’t ventured onto the scale since my fail… but a few days of induction recipes and I should be fine! In the meantime I thought I would share with you the bottles I like to use to bottle my limoncello! I have three and they just add to the ambiance! 


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  1. I planned a carbohydrate laden weekend, haven’t had a cheat day in 5 months. I have to say it was heaven eating the texture and tastes of old. Still enjoy the low carb dishes that I cook but they are not the same….. Back to keto as of yesterday, so far no cravings and no issues returning to my now regular eating plan. Thanks for the recipes, LOVE lemonade.

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