How to Make an AMAZINGLY Easy Zoodle & Chicken Alfredo One-Dish Dinner

...that's Certified LOW CARB Delicious!

I love alfredo and love it even more considering that it is naturally low carb! This is a super simple Zucchini Zoodle and Chicken Alfredo one-dish dinner that you are going to flipping love!

Low-Carb Zoodles & Chicken Alfredo

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

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As you can clearly see it is absolutely super easy to throw together for a fast and simple one-dish dinner:

Grab the full recipe:



What ARE zoodles?  You can read all about them in this article.  I guarantee you that once you realize how simply they can be made you are going to want the zoodle recipe roundup!

As shown in the video use a spiral veggie slicer to make your zoodles from fresh zucchini.  I prefer that to over the handheld models or using a julienne peeler  or mandoline. It’s simply easier. Even my grandkids help me when I use the spiralizer. Yes, we are careful but it’s far easier and safer with the machine made to do the job. 

For an added layer of flavor serve to your guest with a wedge of lemon and put a Parmesan grater on the table too!  It tastes fancy while being simple enough to throw together spur of the moment!

Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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