What Do You Get in a Low-Carb Subscription Box?

Jordan, one of the co-founders of Keto Krate, a monthly low-carb subscription service, was nice enough to send me his August box so that you could see just what is included in one and let Michael and I sample the products! So here’s a sneak-a-peek video and a price comparison along with our mini-reviews on the products in the box!

What do you get in a low carb subscription boxlow

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Since I always think that video speaks louder than words here I am unboxing the Keto Krate! I hadn’t even slip open the box yet! 

So as you could see, it was a bit like Christmas morning! Here are the products I got to test out this month! This is raw footage as I wanted you to experience the true unboxing as it happened in my kitchen!

Good Dee's Low Carb Brownie Mix

 First out the box is Good Dee’s Brownie Mix.
I made these up for my family, adding a bit of peanut butter and chopped pecans to the mix and they sure didn’t last long! We topped them with some vanilla CarbSmart ice cream and everyone loved them! These were such a hit that they are totally sold out right now but you’ll be able to order them on her website or on  Amazon (where you can get free shipping if you have a Prime account) when she restocks!  

Next is two different flavors of ProTings.
Included in the box was Sea Salt and Zesty Nacho flavors. As you can see in my video I liked the Zesty Nacho way better than the Sea Salt but then I also love Doritos! You can get a good deal (especially if you have a Prime account with no shipping) on Amazon in multiple flavor packs like the one pictured above or you can buy them individually from Netrition. The bags that came in the krate are only one ounce, the ones you order online are 4 full ounces.  

The next item was one I had never seen or heard of before although it reminds me of a South African type  of meat we have eaten through friends that grew up there. This one is a finely shredded beef jerky called Machaca that they say goes great in eggs. They even supplied a recipe for a Mexican breakfast scramble in the box! I think I am going to try it out in one of my frittata recipes too! You can order this through Amazon or their website for the same price.

tortillaI used the LaTortilla whole wheat low-carb tortillas as mentioned in my chicken enchilada recipe (coming soon to the blog so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!) over the weekend. It made for an easy, delicious meal when all the kids came over to swim! They were great! I would and will definitely order these in my next Netrition order! They are much cheaper (only $3.89 for the 10 pack!) from Netrition than ordering them from Amazon

The Yup Brand B-UP Protein Nutritional Bar in the box was supposed to be PB&J. Michael and I split it that evening with a cup of coffee and while it was good it didn’t taste like peanut butter or jelly. We thought that they seem comparable to Quest bars although we would have to try out more flavors to be sure. Have you tried them? They stock them on Amazon but you have to buy them by the case. I think I will be more apt to order some in my next Netrition order where they are only $2.29 apiece. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough sounds promising!


I was excited to unpack the Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette with Avocado Oil! We have never tried their products before and I was anxious to try it on my Mediterranean Salad recipe!
This is $7.95 on their website, shipping is $5.95 but if you order a 3-pack you get free shipping!   You can get it on Amazon too and  if you have Prime of course your shipping is always free. They have some cool combos like the Vinaigrette + Avocado Mayo on their Amazon account, which is a best seller! 

Keto Krate Coupon Codes

Along with the products there are promo codes included in your box. This month’s box has about $10.68 in discounts plus a free shipping offer so about $15+ in value if you ordered them all. They say that each month you will get up to $20+ in coupons, which is a nice perk.  

Let’s talk a little about the box itself. It came in a good sturdy package so the products were protected. Along with the shredded paper packing the greek dressing was in bubble wrap for added protection. I mentioned in my video the cute nutritional label. This is what that looks like:

Keto Krate Label

The Keto Krate itself promises:

  • Always Low Carb: All snacks in Keto Krate have less than 5g of carbs per serving. Often much less.
  • Natural Is Better: “Nuts, dried meats, dried cheeses and more. If it’s natural and low carb it’s at the top of our Keto snack list.”
  • No Contract / Money-Back Guarantee: You can cancel at anytime, there’s no long term contract. And your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • NO MALTITOL so if that bothers your tummy rest assured none of the products will contain this alcohol sugar!

This Keto Krate has a value (based on buying it at the lowest costs I could find) of approximately $57.  So a very good buy for the $34.95 (plus $4.95/shipping) it costs to order. 

Order YOUR Keto Krate

I have already ordered my September box so that I can do another unboxing video for you! I know I am looking forward to getting mine!

Would you like one too? This is my referral link. I do receive a small one-time referral fee if you use my link so thank you in advance for helping to keep the fires burning here in the Skinny On Low Carb kitchen. As most of you know Michael and I live on a fixed retirement income so I appreciate your help. AND if you use my personal promotion code 10OFFKK at checkout you get 10% OFF your first order! Woohoo! Gotta love that deal! 

Are you already a fan of Keto Krate? Please let everyone know what your favorite product(s) were in your comment below! If you haven’t tried Keto Krate yet you can check it out and browse their site a bit… 

In the meantime I am going to go finish the last brownie before Michael discovers it’s left! Ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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