Low-Carb Delicious Pizza Cones!

NO need for pizza dough! How would I make this into a certified low-carb delicious treat? Here’s HOW! 

How To Make Low-Carb Pizza Cones

First off you need to make your cones… in our case we are making them out of BACON! Yes! Bacon!  Using a cone-shaped “mold” like the ones pictured above you are going to wrap your bacon around the metal mold, overlapping the edges as you go so that you create a cone that will hold the rest of the ingredients. 

  1. Preheat oven to 400ºF.
  2. Line a large cookie sheet with sides with parchment paper.
  3. Using cone-shaped metal  wrap one slice of bacon around each. Wrap the bacon tightly, overlapping the edges so the bacon totally covers the cone.
  4. Bake for approximately 15 minutes or until bacon is  crisp enough so it will hold a shape when removed from the mold. Leave them slightly “underdone” so that you can bake them further with the pizza filling inside without getting them too crispy or burnt.   
  5. Remove from oven, cool to maintain shape and transfer into an oven-safe container for filling as shown in video.
  6. Fill your bacon cone with whatever pizza ingredients you prefer; low-carb pizza sauce, pepperoni, pre-cooked sausage crumbles, diced sweet peppers, canned mushrooms, diced onions, anchovies, shredded mozzarella cheese, whatever you would put on a pizza works! 
  7. Bake an additional 4 to 5 minutes until hot and bubbly! 
  8. Remove from oven and allow to cool enough to eat. Serve warm.

See? Simple and easy! You just have to learn to look at the world through low-carb glasses! There are lots of recipes, just like this one from BuzzFeed Food,  that can be adapted for your low-carb lifestyle!  They makes a wonderful appetizer!  

What would YOU fill yours with? I love hearing your ideas so please leave a comment below or on #TheLowCarbChallenge Facebook group. In the meantime, if you found this helpful please take a minute and using the social media links below give us a thumbs up and share this with all your friends!  
Ciao for now!

Ciao! ~Marge

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