How to Make a Low-Carb Loaf of Bread You’ll Love!

...that's UNDER 4 Net Carbs per LOAF!

I absolutely love this easy to make low-carb bread! @lchfsherita71 on Instagram but the recipe wasn’t complete. After conversing back and forth for a while and a bit of online research I came up with a full recipe that I felt would work and boy does it!


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I shared it with my Instagram audience (have you followed me? You should! Lots of times, like this one, they get stuff way sooner than anyone else!) back in August and now  I am going to share it with you! 

It’s really simple to make! The main ingredient, as you can see in my recipe below, is a low-carb protein powder. Many of my clients, audience and members like Jay Robb protein powder. It’s a very high quality and very low in carbs. That said there are other protein powders available both online and in-store you may prefer too. Here’s just a few you might like to consider:

Gold Standard Whey Powder
Calories 120, Total Carbohydrate 3g (Sugars 1g),Total Fat 1g,  Whey 24g

Calories 110, Total Carbohydrate <1g, Sugars <1g, Total Fat 0.5g, Whey 25g

Calories 110, Total Carbohyrate 0g, Sugars 0g, Total Fat 0g, Whey 50g

Calories 110, Total Carbohydrate 1g, Sugars 0g, Total Fat 0g, Whey 20g

simple_truth_whey_powderAnother brand that I have just been made aware of by a friend is Simple Truth Whey Protein Powder. I have not been able to find it online for you but it is available at Select Stores. I understand that my Kroger’s carries it and I have seen articles naming Kingsooper grocery stores also.  

Nutritional values of this protein powder are Calories 80, Total Carbohydrate 2g, Fiber 1g,  Sugars 1g, Total Fat 0.5g, and Whey 27g.

I am not an expert on whey powders I just know that they work in my recipe! I would use any of them so the choice is yours. Compare prices of the ones online using my handy links (yes affiliate links because I have to pay to keep this blog afloat and thanks for your support, it means a lot) in the chart above to find the best value for you. I find that the best pricing, easiest ordering and best delivery is at one of those two sites.  If you happen to have a grocery store nearby you can pick it up there too! 


Here’s my super simple recipe! If you don’t count the butter you use to grease the loaf pan there are only 3 ingredients! It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Low-Carb Love Bread
This very low carb loaf of bread is super simple to make and is so low in carbs you could eat the whole thing if you want! But you won't because it's filling too!
Recipe type: Bread
  • 6 eggs; separated
  • ½ cup low-carb whey protein powder
  • 2 TBSP almond flour
  • Butter for greasing pan
  1. Preheat oven to 325°F.
  2. Butter loaf pan.
  3. Separate egg whites into a large bowl & reserve yolks in smaller vessel.
  4. Beat egg whites until VERY stiff peaks form.
  5. Break yolks and mix with protein powder and almond flour until thoroughly combined in second bowl.
  6. Fold yolk mixture into whipped egg whites until just blended.
  7. Pour bread batter into buttered loaf pan.
  8. Place in the middle of preheated oven with extra clearance to allow for rising.
  9. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until golden brown.
  10. Remove from pan as SOON as possible and cool on rack.
  11. Slice and enjoy!
Be sure to beat the egg whites VERY stiff for best results.

Remove your loaf of bread from the pan as soon as it is okay to handle. Leaving it cool in the pan may result in deflation. It still tastes just as good, it's just not as pretty!

Net carbs will depend on the protein powder you select. The eggs are only 3.5 carbs so you can conceivably make a whole loaf that is under 4 net carbs!

No matter what protein powder you choose it’s going to be great! You can see by the image above that it toasts well too! I have even made French toast with mine! We love it anyway you can use traditional bread!

You can even try different flavors of protein powders to really mix it up and tailor it to what you like! As long as you stay with the same recipe, beat your egg whites super stiff and remove the loaf from the pan as soon as you can safely handle it (I use oven mitts) you should have a gorgeous, delicious loaf of bread!

I would love to know what kinds you make so please let us know by scrolling down to leave your comment below! In the meantime, I need to go bake a loaf of low-carb bread!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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    • Hi Jessica,

      It never lasts that long in my house but I would love to hear how it fares for you!
      If I were doing it I probably would cut it into slices and freeze it, then defrost
      what I needed…?

      Please let me know how you decide to do it and how it works out!
      Merry Christmas,

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