Sunday Brunch Easy Low-Carb Ham & Egg Cups

I have NO idea where the weekend went! Well I do but you know what I mean… do you ever feel that way? Here it is Sunday afternoon and I feel like “what the heck?” yet again.  Oh I got some stuff done… took down both Christmas trees on Saturday, along with all the other decorations. Doing good this year! Usually my “deadline” is Super Bowl!  Don’t laugh, I am serious!

Low Carb Ham & Eggs Cups

I host a Souper Super Bowl party every year (yes, I’ll be featuring some GREAT soup recipes as we close in on the date) so I feel that all my friends that were here on New Years Day would expect me to have my decorations down by then… so January 11th is doing GREAT! LOL!   What you say? I didn’t get my Santas put away? Silly you… they stay out ALL year!  Don’t ask… I’ll confide later. 😉  

So we (“Poppy” helped too) had to have the house in “order” by 5 o’clock Saturday because two of our grandkids stayed over last night so Mommy could go to a concert with her girlfriends while Daddy went to work… we spent the night making pizza and popcorn and snuggling in front of our big (think 125″  and YES, that is why we host the Souper Super Bowl party) screen watching movies! Barbie’s Pony Tale, Robots and The Wizard of Oz!  

Kids wanted frozen toaster streudels and Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast so Nana (oops, that would be me <wink>) made something fast and easy for Michael (yeah, Poppy) and myself.  So I made up some low-carb (what else?) ham and egg cups! You won’t believe how simple they are!  

silicone cupcake liners

So the very first thing you need to do (don’t worry… if you just want to print off the recipe you can skip to that below but I took all these pretty pics so bear with me) is to crank up your oven to 400°F and grab either a few silicone cupcake cups (mine are heart-shaped but note they don’t look like hearts when done) OR you can always put them in plain old muffin pans, especially if you have a lot of them to make… but there were just two of us eating brunch so I used the individual cups set into another baking pan to easily get them in and out of the oven.  I spray mine (over the sink & out of the pan – who needs to wash more pans than they need to right?) with a non-stick spray, original or butter-flavored, it really doesn’t matter.  

These are the silicone molds I use to make ours… they are fun and more importantly they are EASY! I even take them with me to the beach to make this simple yet delicious and filling breakfast for everyone! We have never had a complaint yet! LOL! 

ham & egg cups are so easy to make!
Then you want to grab a few thin-sliced pieces of deli-ham and line those cups. I try to be sure that there aren’t any holes in them but I don’t go crazy crack and egg in each cup for this low-carb breakfastover it.  Now crack one egg into each of your prepared cups. I do try to keep it inside the ham but again, don’t stress about it. 😉  AND sprinkle with some salt and pepper to taste.

sprinkle the egg cups with some cheese and/or scallionsNow it’s time to pop them into the oven.  Just put them on a center shelf and set your timer for about 12 minutes.  If you aren’t sure of your oven set it at 10 and then check periodically… it’s all good, whatever you are comfortable with! 😉 What you are looking for is the whites fairly set up (not completely yet) and the yolk still runny.  At this point I sprinkle on some shredded cheese (usually some cheddar or a combination of the same but you can use whatever you’d like) and some green (scallions) onions if you’d like… turn off the oven and just close the door until the cheese melts and the whites finish cooking.  

ham & egg cups ready to be platedNow all you need to do is to take these yummy puppies out of the oven and pop them out onto your plate!  I find the by far easiest way to do this, whether from a muffin pan OR the individual silicone cups, is with a large soup spoon.  Don’t try using a spatula, it just makes it too hard to get them out without breaking the yolks!  

So want all this in one easy recipe you can just print it out?  No problem! Here you go!  

Low-Carb Ham & Egg Cups
Ham and egg cups are a fast and easy low-carb breakfast!
Recipe type: Breakfast
  • Eggs
  • Deli-ham
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Shredded Cheese of your liking
  • Diced Scallions (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 400°F
  2. Spray muffin cups with non-stick cooking spray
  3. Line each cup with one slice of deli ham
  4. Crack one egg into each muffin cup
  5. Season with Salt and Pepper to taste
  6. Bake approximately 12 minutes until whites are almost set but yolk is still runny.
  7. Sprinkle with shredded cheese and scallions if desired.
  8. Shut off oven and close door until cheese is melted and whites are set.
  9. Remove from muffin cups with large spoon to serving plates.
  10. ENJOY!

I published my recipe over 3 years ago but a great recipe is a GREAT recipe… and I just saw this new video on Facebook today!  The only difference is that they put their shredded cheese under their eggs instead of over… which is cool too!

So there you go! Easy peasy Sunday brunch that people think you slaved over! Let them! LOL!  So do YOU have a favorite low-carb recipe???  Feel free to link to your recipe in my comments below!  In the meantime, if you love this recipe as much as we do please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends!
Ciao for now!

Ciao! ~Marge

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch Easy Low-Carb Ham & Egg Cups

    • Thanks Michele! Glad you like it!!! Let me know if you find some adaptations!
      Another Michele mentioned using partially-cooked bacon as the base! THAT sounds
      VERY yummy too!!! What do you think?

  1. I just found your blog today via Pinterest and love this recipe. I’ve seen several variations but they all say to whisk 10 to 12 eggs! I don’t always want to feed any army, sometimes it’s just me so this one is perfect. Definitely trying these this week. Thanks, can’t wait to see what other gems are on your blog.

    • Thanks for the nice compliment Lee, I appreciate that you took the time to
      leave a comment. All my long-time followers know that I live a less than 20
      net carbs a day lifestyle and any recipes that I post will keep them within
      those parameters too. For many recipes it depends on the cook’s choice of ingredients
      as the nutritional facts can vary widely depending on which brands they buy and use.
      For instance these ham and egg cups can have negligible carbs; 0.6 for a large egg but then
      the remaining carbs may vary depending on which deli ham or shredded cheese is used.

      Thanks again and I hope that I see you often and look forward to chatting with you soon! ~Marge

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