How to Make Amazingly Easy Ham and Cheese Baked Eggs

...Certified Low-Carb Delicious!

Looking for a great low-carb breakfast or brunch using your leftover ham? Then you are definitely going to want to make these amazingly easy yet incredibly delicious Ham and Cheese Baked Eggs! 

Low Carb Ham and Cheese Baked Eggs

Image Credit: The Domestic Geek

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This is a great recipe that we owe to a gal known on Youtube as The Domestic Geek.  You will find the written version of the recipe on her channel.

What could be more simple? I am actually going to be at the beach for the week starting Easter Sunday so what better, faster and easier way to serve up the leftover baked ham later in the week to our friends and family that will be joining us?  This is the view that we’re very lucky to look at as we enjoy our breakfast or brunch depending on how late we sleep:


oval ramekin at Sur la tableI decided to get some oval ramekins just for this very dish! That way I can make them for each individual guest and bake them as each person arises and is ready to join us for the day and breakfast!  Sur La Table has some really nice Porcelain Oval Ramekins for only $2.95 each!  I think they’ll be happy campers! 

The video above by The Domestic Geek was sponsored (to her, not me) by the Egg Farmers of Canada. She also has 3 more baked egg recipes featured in their Eggcentric TV app which I downloaded to my iPad.  If you would like to get the app it’s FREE and you can just click HERE to get yours too.

Please be sure to give The Domestic Geek a thumbs up on her video and if you leave her a comment please let her know that those of us from Skinny On Low Carb appreciate her recipes and hard work! 

In the meantime ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

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