How to Make 50+ Jaw-Dropping Delicious Fat Bomb Recipes!

...ALL Certified LOW-CARB!



There you have it! 50+ fat bomb recipes in every flavor you can imagine from some of the absolute BEST low-carb bloggers on the Internet today! Please be sure to let each and every one of them know we love and appreciate their blogs, recipes and talent! 

Are you a content creator?  We would love to include your recipes in an upcoming roundup so be sure to leave a description of  your favorite fat bomb in your comment below, use our recipe submission link in the righthand sidebar.  

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In the meantime enjoy each and every one of these certified low-carb delicious fat bomb recipes!

Ciao! ~Marge Burkell





p.s. Here’s some great silicone molds for making YOUR certified low-carb delicious fat bombs for those times you want to graduate from ice cube trays:


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