How to Make a Low Carb Christmas Dinner Your Guests Will Love

Christmas and holiday memories are often with a big dinner whether gathered round the dining room table or scattered throughout the house. My husband Michael and I  entertain all our friends that don’t have extended family in our area and we number so high that we set up a buffet and yes, we eat scattered over a number of tables and surfaces throughout our home!

Whether you opt for ham, sausage or turkey here are some great recipes that will garner you compliments and put smiles on every one of your guests! Especially the low-carb lifestyle ones! 

Low Carb Christmas Recipes Your Guests will Love!

Christmas dinner is one holiday where lots of families serve a variety of meats. Some opt for ham, others serve Christmas sausage, while others prefer turkey or standing rib roast. I serve ham and sausage so let’s start there:

You can make your glaze with low-carb apricot preserves! Add some sugar free Mrs. Buttersworth, maybe some butter… or use this recipe:

fresh Polish sausage is referred to as Christmas sausage in our home

My family loves what I call Christmas sausage. What that is in actuality is fresh (not smoked) Polish sausage with garlic. Below is the recipe I use. People cannot believe how simple it is! I once had my nephew John call me from across the country to learn how to make my delicious Christmas sausage. He was thoroughly astounded on how easy it is and thrilled that he could make it easy peasy too!

Christmas Sausage
  • Fresh Polish sausage in casings
  • Ketchup
  • Water
  1. Place your sausage into a large pot.
  2. Cover with water.
  3. Add and mix in enough ketchup to make the water a deep pink color.
  4. Simmer on low for approximately 3 to 4 hours until it is tender and you can easily cut it into serving-size pieces.

Turkey is easy and thoroughly covered in my Thanksgiving recipe roundups so be sure to check here and here for tips on not only cooking your bird but making stuffing, etc. 

Are you one that family looks at the Christmas Beast as your meat of choice? Okay, so maybe you call it standing rib roast or prime rib. I never make that at home, but we are lucky enough to be invited out for Christmas eve dinner at great friends and Dottie will be making Roast Beast! Served with horseradish perfectly done to medium rare.


Get the idea that it HAS to be ROOM temperature? That’s crucial for those recipes and methods to work! I recommend you leave it out overnight if you are planning an early dinner.

Live in a warm area? Prefer to grill? Then check out this method for a lip-smacking roast:

Now that we have the meats pretty much covered let’s move on to page 2 and appetizers, soups and salads! 



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