30 Wonderfully Delicious Low Carb Chicken Wings

30 Low Carb Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a welcome snack or light meal any time of year! But they are particularly loved during football season! What could be better than a platter of chicken wings with a big bowl of ranch or bleu cheese dressing? Well, low carb wings of course! A group of chickens is called a brood… so I guess I have a whole brood of low carb chicken wing recipes for you today!

Rainy Day

It’s absolutely UGLY out here! It’s totally gray and pouring down rain… just the right research weather! So here is what all my vetting found. I check every ingredient as I save the recipe to my database and recheck it when it comes out into an article. In a few recipes there is honey or maple syrup.  They can both be replaced with sugar-free maple syrup for pretty much the same taste and consistency. I prefer the sugar-free Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.

But enough of that! Let’s jump right in with these wonderfully delicious low carb chicken wings!


1. Jerk Chicken Wings

Jerk Chicken Wings


These Jerk Chicken Wings have LOTS of delicious herbs and spices! Wait until you SMELL them cooking!

2. Vietnamese Chicken Wings with Chili Lime Sauce

Vietnamese Chicken Wings with Chili Lime Sauce


DJ Foodies always comes through when you want low carb recipes and his Vietnamese Chicken Wings with Chili Lime Sauce is no exception! Be sure to check him out!

3. Jalapeño-Lime Chicken Wings

Jalapeño-Lime Chicken Wings


Not all paleo is low carb but in this instance this Jalapeño-Lime Chicken Wings recipe is right on the mark! 

4. Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Yes, even Atkins has a good Buffalo Chicken Wings recipe!

5. General Tso’s Chicken Wings

General Tso’s Chicken Wings


Mellissa has some amazing recipes on her site and her General Tso’s Chicken Wings is one you are going to love!

6. Garlic Parmesan Wings

Garlic Parmesan Wings


These Garlic Parmesan Wings are Atkins Induction Friendly and good for all phases of the Atkins Diet. See how easy they are to make: 



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