NEW Low Carb Challenge Group

Join the NEW Low Carb Challenge

Want a place where you can connect with like-minded friends? Give each other support, share experiences, goals and recipes for your low-carb lifestyle without the fear of someone dictating what you must eat? Want direction but not dictation?  Then join us on our brand new private Facebook group!  

What does it mean that it’s private? It means that you get to keep your life private! If you want your friends and family on Facebook to share in your low carb lifestyle, your battle with weight and how you feel about your physique you can BUT anything you post to this group will NOT appear on your Facebook feed or in your friend’s and family’s Facebook Ticker. It gives you control of your personal privacy.  

We look forward to sharing and having you share!  Stop by The Low Carb Challenge and ask to join today!  Introduce yourself if you’d like, share what you’d like to accomplish, what you are eating today and what recipes you’re looking for!  We welcome and encourage your input!  I lost 30# and 3 dress sizes in my first 30 days following this low-carb way of eating! You can too! Come find out how!

In the meantime, ciao for now!



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