How To Make Certified Low-Carb Delicious Carrot Cake

When we think low-carb delicious we don’t always think carrot cake. First off carrots, believe it or not, are higher in carbs than a lot of other vegetables. And it is CARROT cake after all… and lots of recipes call for raisins which are crazy high in carbs! So how DO you make a carrot cake and keep it low carb? Well you use these recipes!

How To Make Certified Low-Carb Delicious Carrot Cake


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These carrot cake recipes, whether full cakes or super fast and simple muffins in a mug that you make in your microwave in minutes are from some of the best low-carb cooks on the Internet. You can count on each of them for great recipes that will keep you living under twenty net carbs per day while enjoying delicious food!

I love working with them so please, when you are on their sites, if you leave a comment please let them know how you found their recipe and that Marge sent you! I would love to collaborate with any of them, anytime! In the meantime, enjoy their recipes knowing I have vetted them all so you can rest assured that you will stay living low carb and in ketosis while smacking your lips over your plate!

Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

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