How to Make a Delicious Caprese Salad

...and Keep it Low Carb!

The “secret” to a great low-carb Caprese is in the freshness of the ingredients and the proportions of each, including the dressing…

the SECRET behind a GREAT Caprese Salad

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First off have the absolute freshest ingredients. That goes for everything, including the mozzarella.  NEVER settle for low-fat mozzarella and as you can see by this article and video by Elizabeth Minchilli Italian  cooks often buy their’s on a daily basis if the market is located close enough. 

Don’t you just love the braided mozzarella???

Next comes the tomatoes. If you do not garden consider visiting a local farmer’s market and at the very least buy the freshest, firmest, reddest ones you can find in your supermarket. Tomatoes do not need to be nor should they be refrigerated. They store quite well (and make for a nice focal point) on your kitchen counter. 

store your fresh tomatoes on your kitchen countertop

Now the secret to keeping your Caprese salad low carb is to slice your tomatoes nice and thin. Believe me, you will get all the flavor without the carbs. I have never got a complaint yet.

Sweet basil is best when very fresh. If you can grow your own. You can buy one plant and separate it into multiple plants like I did in this quick live video I did for our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group:

I put that plant in the ground a few weeks ago and despite all the gloominess and rain all 8 plants are doing well. I have snipped it back a few time. Each time I do that it helps the plant get bushier instead of leggier. I take the leftover basil, wrap it into a damp paper towel and store it in one of the  Debbie Meyer Ultra-Lite Green Boxes I ordered from Kohl’s. It helps make it last until I use it up!

Now that you have most of your ingredients you need a good, fresh, light dressing that will enhance but not overpower your salad. You can opt to make one from scratch from any of the DIY quick and easy recipes included in my prior post, but the Italian or Greek are particularly nice. You can also make the balsamic vinaigrette, just leave out the raspberries. OR you can order a nice low-carb balsamic dressing.  

a Caprese salad is easy to make and showcases the flavors of the summer season

If you like olives they make a nice low-carb garnish. Michael likes green while I prefer Kalamata.  Either adds a nice salty flavor most like and easily removed by those that don’t.  

Have you planted any of the ingredients in your yard? Made a Caprese salad yet this season? What dressing do you prefer? I would love to hear in your comment below! In the meantime enjoy the fresh summer flavors and ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell


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