Delicious Low Carb Bulletproof Cocoa

Delicious Low Carb Bulletproof Cocoa

Many people love the benefits from drinking bulletproof coffee but aren’t exactly thrilled with coffee on a whole. Did you know it doesn’t have to be coffee??? 

Just start off with a GREAT hot chocolate recipe like this one.  Add a big dollop of butter, a tablespoon or more of refined coconut oil (so it doesn’t taste of coconut) and switch out that non-fat milk substitute to heavy whipping cream, watering it down if it’s too heavy for you.

Want to change up the flavor? No problem there are some great sugar free syrups that won’t add any carbs whatsoever! You will be amazed how many flavors there are!

So what is your favorite low carb cocoa recipe to bulletproof? Please share it with us all with your comment below!

In the meantime, ciao for now!

Ciao for NOW!  ~Marge Burkell

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  1. Just curious how this can be posted as “dairy free” when it is made with butter and heavy cream? It looks delicious, though! Thanks!

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