Learn How to Join Me LIVE For On the AIR Low-Carb Chats!

If you missed it yesterday… we made history on our Low Carb Challenge Facebook group! While attending one of my weekly brainstorming hours I learned that Facebook had opened up it’s Facebook LIVE to groups! It was all I needed to hear! I have been wanting to chat with all the members of my group for what seemed like forever!  I mean with actual VIDEO!  So I hopped on to the group and tried it out while sharing my low-carb lunch!  Here’s how it went:

 Join ME for a Low-Carb Chat!

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I have to say I was pretty darned nervous but after I got rolling and interacting it was fun!  So I hopped onto the group to see what everyone else thought… and they love it!  So I am going to start incorporating these into both the Low Carb Challenge group AND the Get Fit and Look Fab page!  

I did that one on my iPad 2 and I don’t think it turned out too bad. I have an iPhone 4S and a newer Kindle Fire so I want to try it out on them all… I just don’t have a bunch of data on my Tracfone plan so I need to use wifi to avoid eating that up. I know I mentioned it in the video.  With my iPad & Kindle I don’t have it connected to a plan so it’s forced to use wifi and I breathe a little easier knowing I didn’t screw up. LOL! 

I think that maybe some may be scheduled so they don’t just sneak up on you but I think some with be random surprises too!  I might not always be at home, I might be sitting at the beach, in my own backyard, in Walt Disney World, or just some other random place I happen to be. I like the idea of spontaneity but I also understand that it will be nice to actually plan some so you can put it on your calendar.  Like one about weekend cocktails, or recipes for a holiday.

So what do you think?  I have a post on both the group and page asking for feedback or leave your thoughts in your comment below! I love hearing from you!  Let’s do this together!
In the meantime, ciao for now!
Ciao! ~Marge Burkell

Periscope On-AIR buttonp.s. have you noticed the blue button with my name on it sandwiched in between the social media icons and our search box in the left-hand sidebar?  That’s a Periscope On-AIR button that will turn red anytime I am broadcasting via Periscope!  I am hoping to utilize that media too and if you are a fan of Periscope please subscribe to my channel. As you guessed it’s listed under my name… or if you search for #lowcarb you’ll find it that way too. I love the candid nature of both Facebook Live and Periscope. It gives us an avenue to interact without having to fuss.  No fuss no muss, and we can all learn from each other!  I LOVE it! How about you??


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2 thoughts on “Learn How to Join Me LIVE For On the AIR Low-Carb Chats!

  1. I saw that notice yesterday! I was bummed I couldn’t join as the time I was traveling. If you set a time I will be there every other week. I work a odd schedule .

  2. Thanks for your feedback Terese! I need suggestions, on times and topics so we discuss what everyone wants! I think I am going to do some planned, some spontaneous, but will definitely be doing them! After I got over being nervous it was fun! MORE fun when people interact! Thanks again for taking time out of your day to spend it with me! ~Marge

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